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Cosmic Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP-HipP+LapP = My-Revolutionary + Ra-Volutionary- Creative Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form =MusicianCHD1 = Mastermind-Meta-Musical Mediums + Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts

Published November 7, 2018 by musicianchd
Cyber Jazz Blues RapP HipP & LapP_color

YES Y’all: My Evolutionary Ra-Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form: CyberJazzBluesRapP; Homemade grassroots music metaphysical mediums played from the HipP & LapP; to adore-adopt and to adapt; And happily enjoy in delight with cheering hands that clapP; All around our USAA+ PROMISED LANDS  geographical mapP.__

YAWLS hold on tight tonight on this total truth telling  fearless flight, for it’s a fortune finding fist fight!

anima tubaman_an383OK YAWLS: Listen up and pay close attention, I’m happily informing the Whole Wide World Woven Web, that there’s a very serious problem being successfully solved. And that’s the terrifying thugs, gambling ghetto grownup gangster Hip Hop rappers!

Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP_color neg image 

Animated%20Gif%20Music%20(105)We’s & Us’s keep on hearing all of the nasty nose negative “Negro”national news, namely Negroidians, about how vulgar, profane, obscene they talk. And are awfully artless. And also adversely antagonistic against authentic artworks as African Americans; people of color of Africa’s ascent. (Latin language “Niger” + Spanish = the color black.)

Albeit, BUTT, better bestowed beneficially born blessed, a perfected replacement has arrived, arising as advancing and accelerating Artheist Actionaries. Through these testifying, True-Up U-Turn talented terminologies, telling the total truths 100%+!  

watermarked and copyright 2018

Digital Design Direct Link:

My Master Messiah Musical: = mp3

The Talented Theme Tune & Soulful Spiritual Song: Mp3 Kiwi6

Play List: 

View Vimeo Video:

ANOINTED-1This talented theme tune turns timetables to telling the total truths. Mind – Spirit and Soul: Searching song with a; hard hitting heavy bass bottom beat. Mountain moving mental modeling music. Yes y’all, it makes ya wanna-move and grove with the big time bandsman; and solitaire solo Musician-ArtistCHD1

an heartanima%20butterfly_4.gif

Unfortunately: The crucial criticisms go on and on, bad mouthing the CDs and DVDs being produced and published, pushed and politically propagandized upon the people’s planetary populations. Purposely producing + proliferating psychopath personalities, + pirate predatory profiteers, politicized preying mantises; impersonating ethical money making morality!

 Howsoever, those whining, crying, constantly complaining, are failing to find other alternative musical styles, genres, art forms.  , trying to black-a-fy or white-s-fy Humanoid-ians. Studiously staying stuck on stupid stuff. So Stop-Point-Blank-Period, poisoning planetary people’s psychological perceptions + polluting persons perspectives! 


Fortunately, for full financed fitness, first family funded foundation = full fledged flowing flying freedom of Artistic Expression. Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; HipP LapP vs Hip Hop;  handily happily humors, helps heal holistic humanity, Holistory’s Healthy Heritage;

Righteously restoring, reinstating, re installing, refreshing; RALIGION vs RELIGION.  Reincarnating and resurrecting RealiVision = Real Live Vision.  Realized resounding reverberating, RAYZIAL radiance, raising rare rich royal resources!


Our 21st century CyberSpaceAge COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts;    MASTER1 Melanin Media, + My Master Mind Mental Models, Maga-Meta-Musical Mediums. Increasing your vibration frequencies, wavelengths, so that you may be able to tune in on, Omnipresent ORIGIN-ORG-ONE-1. Equals =  Esoteric Extraterrestrial Energies = elevated entities, enhanced elements, executing ecology + economy = excelled ECO-ENERGYSTICS-1!


SURELY – SECURELY – SAFELY SAVING KIDS: At the advent of their conceived creation of birth. Even evidently in the event of before being born beautiful babies as infants. Seeing and hearing how that the young mothers are to be buying these artworks, musical compositions as soon as possible. Our digitized MP3 song sound tracks of our 21st century CyberSpaceAge. Correctly conditioning children consciousness, colorized cognizance, and awaking their cosmic creative chemistry!

CK-NWCA Save babies – Kids – children:

 anima Guitar_2anima Guitar_3

CHILDREN’S Computerized Comic-creative Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; HipP & LapP: detects, detoxifies, destroys destructive demonic denominations, devilish deceptions. How?

CONDUCTOR: Conditioning the mind in a congenial, pleasant, meaningful manner. Instilling + installing artful attributes serving as healers, and curing currencies. Restoration of health, vibration frequencies in a patterned pathway that the 1960’s through 1990’s styles of music just simply were never intended to do. And that is for the most performance parts play, could not and did not effectively and proficiently relieve a person of the symptom of a disease or condition.

Howsoever AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1, is enabled to help eliminate a fallen mental state of depression, as a therapeutic medicinal method of meditated mediums, memorized metaphysical music.  Activated because Me+Myself+ I have said so. divinely decreed it to be, via  “THE POWER OF INTENTION” (Dr. W.W. Dyer)

Expressly via  infinite intellectual intelligence of the Universal MASTER MIND!!!  The healthy heart  beats of a drum… the instrumental minstrels of a meditating mind of membranes, that are melanin manufactured. YES, Yes yes, meant to heal injuries, repair hateful harm done inhumanely.  Our clean cultured counter-combative, computerized Cyber Jazz Blues RapP; HipP & LapP vs Hip Hop. Through singing and dancing, thus TO LOVE THY SELF via LOVE SENSATION SPIRIT SUBLIME. 

NO No no: These musical songs were not meant to be mimics of the great grand geniuses of old world jazz-blues. Never made to be like artistic musicians of the classical old-schools and senior citizens. Nor intended to copycat any of the by-gone days of time periods passed ways, deceased and died off a long while ago, butt not fully forgotten.

FORTUNATELY BETTER BENEFICIALLY BLESSED: Are authentic artworks, aesthetically actualized = Arthiest Actionary arrangements. Actively alive and well and raw! Healthfully homegrown, happily humorous homemade holistic healing.

Arthiest_color Arthiest_color neg image

Divinely Decreed Donation Code: will not work directly, on other links, objects, postings, blogs, etc. It only works by itself or embedded at my Web site: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts,  connecting COMPASS Banking Safe Security Systems

YES Y’all: You may have your purchased artworks, digital format files, expertly enlarged, elegantly enhanced by photo-printing professionals. Expressly, FedEx.Office:

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Africa + Amen +Me + Men + Ra + Ram + Am + Be + Bee

1. Guidelines + Leading Lines, Rulers & Measuring Tools: MOTTHER MATRIARCH MAATRIX;  means strict operational objectives + organizational order! Established equalized – equilibrium bio-bodily balance =// 100% !! Not too sensitive or insensitive, butt a neutral-neutron zone, not necessarily -negative or positive+. And one may not be allowed nor persons permitted to just say and do anything that they wish and want to. Expressly in this shifted, sacred sense, sanely said: Homo-human _ or else_ homo-humanoid as opposed – opposite to old-school sexuality sensitive sayings: “homosexual”. wiser word wisdom will be: Same-sex-sapiens. And or single-sex-sapiens = socially scientific!

 YES: You may be permitted to purchase portrait pictures, plus+ personalized printing profitably + professionally. Reproduce them on various canvases, materials, fabrics, apparels, as you will want to. And additionally, the available-accessible letters, sacred syllabic spirituous symbols, may be used financially free for personal apparels – garments – T-shirts. Howsoever, I respectfully request, that you also, commit capital cash currency, donate digitized dollars = $$$ to CK-NWCA‘s Financed Funding Family Foundation.. (PayPal online banking = Compass Bank, Herein The Beauteous City of San Antonio, Texas.) HOME:

Please continue reading >>>>

SPIRITED: “Full of energy, enthusiasm and determination. Having a specified character, outlook on life, or mood.” So then the displayed designs of various textiles, fashion fabrics, illustrates one’s determination to achieve ascended achievement successes. Congenial circulating currencies, pleasant, and agreeable, becasue of being suited to one’s taste or inclination. Such as great artwork considered Classic not classical, unless it was createdd in the art forms of antiquity or ancient times.’

I’m also talking about cultural coloration classics, not to be mistaken for clssical music, which is formal and sophisticated music adhering to cetain stylistic principles, esp. those of the 18th century.’ And CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP is CLASSY, “informal, stylish and sophisticated.”

WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Population animation2.gifProtests: as a mandatory must, make meaningful movements. Melodic-Methodic Motions. Musically moving right along everlasting leading lines of Love Life Light Locks!!!

OK y’all.  may I break all of this back down to their plain-o- simplified artful forms. It is very much needed that we let go of the old-timer, granddaddy and grandmamma old-fashioned T-Model Ford mentality. Yet bringing back ancient times of antiquity, and antique or antiquated artwork; in an updated, upgraded present day rendition. My True-Up U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision = REAL-LIVE-VISION!

Consciously combining the musical scale of notes with applied artworks as portrayed pictures, that are depicted in many panoramic pretty and pleasing perspectives. Multiplex dimensional drawings, geographical lines, polygons, shapes and angles; joined together forming one single symphonic orchestration. Calmly compose currencies, clean cultural colorations, in organizational order to cause calmly composed, containment controlled currencies = climatic changes.

Mixing music with Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.   Deliberately designing the art exhibits and Rare Rich Royal specimens. Enhancing healthy healing, hurting hearts; as clinically current cultured cures. Courageously counter-combating color coded curses!

One exposed…. Shall sooner than later begin to no longer desire to drink alcoholic beverages, nor smoke toxic tobacco cigarettes, and chemically laced marijuana-weed-grass squares. Could prompt a person to drop their deadly drug addictions and food affictions of excessive overeating all manner of foods. So called good or bad processed products. The point of paramount importance is strictly one of overindulgence! CyberJazzBluesRapP may serve as a savior, redeemer, of the Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul Savior;  via the SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!

Oldies but Goodies: Even though they no doubt sound so sophisticated, recording studio mastered, and manufactured mainly just to sound good when played and heard. Butt, believe my telling y’all that meaningful music is much more than just that. Regardless of how rhythmic, soulful, melodic, and of course, expertly played instruments and how professionally parts perfectly performed. I strongly emphasize, in spite of this!

 Albeit, with the uppermost regards and justly due respects; the so called wax records made back in their day, no material matter how advanced today’s technologies are; can not put into those old-outdated compositions; that simply was never put inside of them when they were created. None of those recording artists had any knowledge or know how about how the computerized-digitized dimensions operated or media functioned. And had not been exposed to our CyberSpaceAge computer productions.

Therefore, they have to step aside. Move out of the patterned pathways, of our on coming current creative children. And with AN HONORABLE  SALUTE, proudly take their proper places in recorded history. Thus respectfully embalmed upon the talented time tables, totally tested through Trials & Tribulations. Recognized as being dead musical meat, not to forevermore eat or repeat their prominence periods. Never to try and dig up the dead beats; butt, ‘n lovin’ faith always buried out in the gifted graveyard cemeteries, underground beneath the growing green grasses of ALL MIGTHY DIVINE GRACE!!!

PRETTY PLEASE LISTEN UP CLOSELY: Right now today at this current moment while prospecting what’s coming real soon upon The Event Horizon. May all positive open-minded members, relearn how to readjust and solemnly shift their righteous, rational reasoning minds into a forthcoming and on going gear.

What I truly mean is to not only try and understand, butt, to completely anima-psoter-colork.gifcomprehend, this commission calling cause to cleanse our current culture; so that our visual eyes can see the crystal clear climatic changes of the occurring ColorComPlexTrix. 

YES: our on coming generations of child offspring shall surely be born beneficially blessed; by being inside the innovative enterprise, domain of COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. A Rich-Royal-Rare few. And in my private-personal estimations; only about – approx. 10% to 12% currently clinically clean cultured kids.

PREGNANT FEMALES: In particularly the still young teenagers who are impressionable and tender. Plus those youthful girls who are planning to have a baby born one day sooner or later; are to starting listening to my Musical Metaphysical Media. Begin before birthing a child and while the embryos, fetuses and or infants are living inside of her healthy stomach;, under Wealthy Womanhood’s Womb working with witty wisdom, worthy of worldwide worship! 

This is brainy training as it will be later on potty training While actively in labor, and upon delivery, this preconditioning is setting a series of stages. A predisposition towards totaling true talents in early childhood. Adding them up from inside to outside. Inverted-converted to overt operations communications; on a conscious thinking level of awakening awareness.

Automatically know that they are lots more than being humanly “Somebody”; butt, a per-sun and hue-main who instinctively and intuitively and spiritually self-realizes and self-actualizes themselves. And nobody can tell them/us any different, nor without strong resistance try to put us down, low-rate or degrade our immunity’s innate constitutions of protective defenses. Fearlessly fighting back all antagonist advertise and or enemy energy entities ; whosoever, they might be? Abusive parents, teachers, preachers, priests, bishops, deacons, police, crooked cops, corrupt governments, religious-political leaderships and ya name the rest of them. Consequently worldly duping-bribing-brainwashing such as our mindsets, is out of the question, our of order and just simply and plainly is never going to happen!!

CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP; plants potent seed ideas and creative concepts, abysmally deep down inside the subterranean regions of ani-wave-colork.gifthe Con-Science. Not to be mistaken to mean the commonly called subconscious. Because we all have a personalized Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR.

Moreover, my mastermind melanin media, metaphysical music compositions are symphonic orchestrations. Intentionally carrying more meaningful methods of making musical songs. Opening up Extraordinary Sensory Receptions = ESR. This is no precept butt is an incept. A sent message that is received first and foremost, then returned in response to Extra Sensory Perception.

Likewise, the newly forming children when small has in tact their Brightanimation17-luminou.gif Brilliant Brains; which is naturally attuned to the leading Lords Love Life Light Locks and A+ Sons of SUNGODD DEITY. 

Many moods before their recent arrivals; ancient times of antiquity, human history records such digital data well within each and every cell membrane of the living body organism. Hundreds of thousands of years implanting, programming, the physiological and biological genetic traits, inclusively, the Messenger RNA + Mitochondria (DUAL-DOUBLE) DNA CODES

Therefore, as an AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, Africoid-Negroid predominantly my family’s ancient ancestry dates as far back in historicity’s beginnings at the great grand Genesis Genius CREATIVE EVOLUTION.

Meaning that I know that I have the enabled ability to dig down profoundly deep inside my original state of being before becoming an indwelling-inspirited, human in bodily flesh and blood, bone and marrow.

As an aesthetically authentic applied arts of artistic actualized attributes, I can only talk about knowing my own status: To Love Thy Self. And you will have to speak up to or talk down to yourself to discover what and who you truly are; then learn to dearly love it!

anim-staineglass.gifA natural high plane, traveling at astronomical speeds moving exceedingly fast, at rapid vibration frequencies. Through vibrant and radiant rays of prismatic spectral hues of the Magnetic Field of Color-Complex-Trix. 

Pleasingly pretty patterned pathways, sending and receiving rhythmic resounding wavelengths. To and from, back and forth and circling all around encompassing our Global-World-Nations. 

So then y’all once you have consciously decided to choose to be wakened to become aware of these things happening, you shall also begin to understand why that the old-school by-gone classics can’t deliver nor heal or cure humanity’s insanity. Seeing how that none of these recording artists had any knowledge or know how in computerized-digitized data. Thereby, leaving our most talented and eloquently gifted geniuses; lacking in overall and in general artistic apprehension and creative comprehension.

Besides: And no man made, manufactured medicines has the innate abilities, intrinsic factors, or artistic attributes to effectively server us as Problem Solving Solutions. These are chemical concoctions as addictive drugs, that are so very easy to abuse and misuse, by hospital patients, staffs, nurses, doctors and poisonous pharmaceutical pill pushing prescribing pimp physicians!!! Crack-pot dope slingers!

After the internal intrinsic elements are electrically connected, then, which wiring mechanisms are linking into overlapping, overlays. Intricately woven ani-colork-perch.gifinto a fabric fashion of fragrant flower blossoms. Forming the females bosoms, bearing the fresh feminine fruit of Her Labor pains impregnated therein and hereof and thereby a Son of SOLARSUN. 


A SOLO ARTIST ALTERNATIVE: Individual Independent per-sun and hue-main being. Is strictly required to perform these musical metaphysical phenomena; as a stand alone. In organizational order to BE, the sole mastermind bright brilliant brain, behind the art projects of the composing constructive creator imagination.

LOVE SENSATIONS SPIRIT SUBLIME: demands that one seek solitude, quietness, peacefulness and calmness, in their immediate living and home recording studio. He or she have to learn how to teach themselves, like I have successfully accomplished. Able to play several live or real musical instruments, reading the musical scale of notes sufficiently enough. Starting back when I was a young lad in the third grade of elementary school age under a popular conductor. Continuing on under junior and high school band instructors teachings and conservative leaderships, through the military armed services, college, until presently today.

Certainly to acquire such know how, one has to discipline themselves, and be very careful to be patient with oneself too. And expect frustrations, disappointments, setbacks, delays in active growth and seeable developments. One has to artfully apply their most holy faith-hope and belief that they Can Do It. Whatsoever, reasonably and rationally they put their minds to, focusing their energized efforts into creatimh that in which is imagined, envisioned with a passionate blazing burning desire, even of Heavens Hades Hell flaming fires of financed funded fitness = $$$ 

Then, after which prerequisite processes are done or carried out completely, the next steps simply just start to fall into proper place. Prompting one to continue along certain guidelines without deviations or failure to follow on through. Regardless of how objective or outside things might look, seem to go so slowly. Nor ever worry about what the gossiping two-face back stabbing others are saying; because, they are usually scared cowards; too afraid even try to think outside the box, as they say. They would rather play it safe, and stay entrapped within the confines of a Skinner’s Box and river rat race in a confusing-chaotic maze. So be it!

Politely pretty please put on the whole armor of your personalized profit producing powers Your protective shield around all vital organs, especially guard against assaults aimed at your brain’s head, people attempting to play games with your mind as unqualified psychologist and psychiatrists. They are anima-underwater.gifpotentially dangerous and injurious toward your state of being. Calmly counter combat all blatantly bias bigots and hideously hostile hateful heathens and unholy hypocrites!

Train and teach yourself not to give a Devil Damned about their personal opinions, personal attacks, racial slurs, sarcastic remarks, and insulting, slanderous ethnic epithets. Stand strong, therefore, don’t permit anybody to make you feel bad about your decisions to do as you humanely and rightly should. For instances; if and when an asshole calls me a nasty negative name, then, they are going be called something even worst, alone with their mOmma and daddy, parents, grandpapa and grand mamma!!! And that’s not all, butt, deliver divinely decreed curses upon their racist rear ends, and or uncle tom self-hating gluteus maximums; better notoriously known as Buttocks!! Of course, n’ lovin’ faith always with a happy, healthy good sense of holistic healing humor…yawls.

OK, y’all, you are to be in complete charge of buying the needed digital equipment, recording units, keyboards or MIDI devices, computers-monitors and audio visual, stereo sound systems. No sorry excuses and pitiful alibis. It’s nothin’ to it butt to do it!

IMPRESSENCE: = I + impress + imp + pr + press + re + essence + en

Impressence: = Impress + essence. (a) Meaning that the inner, internal – intra-mind has apprehended an essential impression of something, spiritual, sexual-sensual, mental – psychological, – physical biological, philosophical, intellectual, actual and virtual. A (sixth sense), sensibility that is able to intuitively, instinctively intercept sensations that are so sensitive, sometimes silent, solitaire, subtle, and or even detect deceptions, distortions, demonic-devilish deceit. Impres-sential!

[ref. ]

Instead if buy lottery tickets, spending hard earned money on booze binge drinking of alcoholic liquors – wine and beer, dopey drugs, go out to the music stores, shopping around for some musical items to purchase. Save some cash, build up bank, and pull ya self upwards by your own two bootstraps or even thongs!

Never beg, borrow, take or steal from others. Do without sometimes, it also serves a good purpose. Concentrate your attention on mastering the hookups of digital devices, connecting the wiring apparatuses. Read the manuals and books bought with the products and pertaining to how to use, how to work this-that or the other. Be persistent and diligent and determined to succeed no material matter what the circumstance are, nor what outsiders think or believe. Especially so called love ones and close friends. Period.

Make some music, sing some songs, talk and rapP in poems and prose. You write the scripts, you create the notes on the musical scale to go along with your unique tunes. Start from scratch, from the grassroots ground level zero of naught all the way up to the pinnacle top of Her Precious Perfect Pyramid.

Familiarize your mind with how different instruments sound synthesized, real an353.giflive and raw. However, if you took band for any sufficient length of time, then you probably already know how various horns, pianos, cymbals, bells, and drums sounds. Inclusively woodwinds, percussion, brass and strings.

Remember to take it slow; because you do not have to try and be fancy, and so sophisticated. With all of the old-fashion famed fortune hunters; who spent many moons perfecting their skills. And many were experts at faking, playing a bunch of mumbo jumbo, attempting to improvise spontaneously. However, those improvisations do spontaneously appear when you fare very deep into the Spiritual Realms of the metaphysical music mediums. It comes intuitively and instinctively naturalized. So dispel any notions in that you may think that you have to master to the fullest extent any single instrument or combination of them. Which would take a life’s time to achieve expertly. Butt, you are to expertly composed your overall compositions in performance parts put together proficiently. Just play simplified notes, short chromatic scales, just to the point of pleasing yourself. And if they sound good, then add baby steps one by two, three by four so forth and so on accordingly. Ya never have to try and get cute!

Stick staunchly with the basics, the fundamental, and elemental sounds, then practice on how to combine and mix them into multiplex loops, layers and overlays. At different frequencies, volumes, tones, tints, colors, hues and velocities. This is were the truest mastery come from such rehearsals, repeated over again in sequences. What you are doing is articulately teaching yourself how to learn to arrange musical notes and poetic words to that they ring rhythmic rhymes in resonating sounds.

YES; Indubitably, for sure this substantive-subjective due processes are what make my Musical Metaphysics; a Revolutionary Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form. Because I do it all by my own self, as creator, originator, generator, conductor and operator. And it requires a wholesome amount of in dept studies, doing homework, reading large volumes of materials, collecting information and analyzing it and then synthesizing their impression. Find newer ways by which to express the words in the English language. Grammatical parts of speech in vowels and syllables; verbs-adverbs, nouns-pronouns and adjectives. Stringing rich words together in a long progression or procession. Articulating tong twisters to truly test talents.

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD = ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascend Ancient Ancestral Africa

Son of SUNGOD = The Original Creative ArtistCHD + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creatives Arts pt1


+ + + +  + +, + +, + +  + +  +



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VIVIANQUEEN Love-Sex-Romance + Beauty Butt Body Babes pt4

Published May 22, 2010 by musicianchd

….. anim-paralyzecolorking.gif

VivianQueen = LoveSexRomance 

YES: You are in factual truth, a Beauty Butt Body Babe, Worth Wealthy Go to fullsize image Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worshipping! Deserving of admiration + praise. And I AM faithfully informing you how valuable is your classy sassafras sassy ASS!!!
By big bounty booty,  which ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE entitles your majesty. Surely the total truth is being told openly brave and bold. Praiseworthy, because of having such a fine fit feminine featured female formed figure. Worldwide, sending your good feelings of happy satisfaction and enjoyment; emittng economic-ego-electron-energy-emotions; Love-Sex-Romance,  in the sexy midst of sensual gratitude.

 TO LOVE THY SELF= CK-NWCA 2010 Precious Jewels Rare Gemstones of Artwork! plus hear my MP3 songs: Widget Song Player: Listen To Digital Radio MyMusicStream 

Therefore in the name lusting Love Life Light Lilly Lady, leader of these truths, I execute my exquisitely exclusive commanding order: AN HONORABLE SALUTE to you. For taking wholesome health care compassion for your own personal private human body organism. Shows picturequely to everybody how an adult matures majestically and developes portraying pure PLEASURE.
Go to fullsize image
Your overall art form is of fortune fame financed; via my True-Up RealiVision. The quality of the contours as they mold a sexy she shit shift. Creating the causal composition of your physical presence, to portray itself-image is being one of great delight, lustfully long lasting licks  so soothingly soft scented. As you naturally smell in essential essence, as a ruby red rose blossom of fresh floral fragrance of your feminine flesh and blood.  Which is the utmost honorary act to perform in high stardards of values and virtues fit for our sexy VivianQueen!!!
Certainly you deserve being spoiled rotten, pampered as the Beauty Butt Body Babe. Having your way because without you the whole wide world would witness a cessation of loving lust. Consequently also Love Sex Romance by Divine Will would suddenly StopPointBlankPeriod.Go to fullsize image
Surely sometimes she has to become indignant, “act like a nigger”; in order to git her man’s immediate attention. Vociferously loud mouth and Go to fullsize imageoutspoken if and when need be? Although, I strongly suggests she stays soft spoken, talk in a low tone of voice which sounds much more eloquently elegant. Yes, you’re to keep, have and hold on to your Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom of FEMININITY!  

Ya Damn Right this is some “bad ass” “good shit”: Her Original Go to fullsize imageMusical Theme Song is coming real soon,  posted-uploaded MP3…, for your delightful pleasure. She’s super star SEXY, representing Honky Dory’s Honey Hole Human Race!!!   

It, they, y’all, us, we originated by and through, in or of LOVE GODDESS MOTERH AFRICA EARTH NATURE!!! She, IS, our truest world history teacher, professor, educator, instructor; who is THE PRODUCER & DELIVERER, CARRIER & BEARER of all living creatures, animals, and humankind. And The Original Creative ArtistCHD, knows Her to be the uppermost wonder Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worshipped!!!







Flattery + Adulation + Complimck-nwca_pryamid-animation.gifents = Recognition, Honor, Glory +Worship…Her Precious Perfect Pyramid+ Love Merry GoRound+ My Truest Love Found= A Lovely Love Song!

YES; You are supremely shaped and superiorly sexy. Extremely excellent in bodily bio-genotype; in an action packed pleasing appeal. Beyond and above all others in shapely superior appearance!. 

Albeit you’re a BEAUTY BUTT BODY BABE; being first classy sassy ass; number one of Mother Earth Nature‘s best built human art forms. And; it has absolutely nothing to do with the rational reasoning of your head’s brain, pretty face or not, nor based on how your mind thinks whatsoever! Because, what I AM, talking specifically about is your innate-intrinsic  Fine Fit Feminine Female Featured Figure!!! 

Your Pretty Pinky Pussy Petals Perform Plays Pleasantly. You self qualify automatically, of the highest ranking order of fresh floral feminine fragrant odors, smells and scents. And your physical presence; needs no stupid-dumb college degrees, alleged certificates of achievement. Fortunately because you were naturally born SUCCESS. Thus a lovely looking rose, in full flavored savory blossom, who have already achieved the uppermost levels of high quality ASS!!! 

Moreover, all you’ve had to do on a must-mandatory basis, is to keep good alth care of your biological belongings, take proper care of your own rear end, preserve the integrity of your personal private behind, protecting your tailbone at all times! 

MAINTAIN: Your personalized membership to Her Healthy Holistic Human Honky Honey Hole. Because your Butt is lots more money made, material matter; than what it’s commonly cracked up to be. Improperly and inappropriately called; nasty, dirty, filthy, unclean, stinky, funky, musty, so forth and so on with these unfortunate negative names.

Go to fullsize image

However, Nurturing Mother Nature cleans womanhood from Her insides out. And nothing unnatural comes from the female’s internal SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEMYes, it’s all positively good tasting gravy $$$


Therefore, ArtistCHD, has redefined, exactly what they mean by converting the perverted, back into their original creative art forms of being positively proton charged good. Even her good bad ass odor and sensational She Shifting SHIT!

“Now there I’ve said it”; (M.L.) are y’all becoming shitfaced, scared-shocked shitless, or just still full-a-shit?  Her ass is worth a potty pot of GOLD, nuggets, nutcrackers and butternuts.  Her honey hole honky dory daring dear’s dollars and Sixth Sex Sense, cash penny-panties, carmel cracked coins  and cents cultured clean. It’s all tasty gravy, savory fragrant floral flavors.

Truly, your very biological humane state of being alive, well and sublimely willed wealthy, has in history’s past and in today’s present time period, inspired millions  of males, money making merchant men and boys to great genesis genius! Your classy sassy ass is “most assuredly” my motivating inspiration to creative artistic achievement success.

Therefore, I submit my flattering compliments in all sexy she shit shifting sincerity.

Moreover, every type of, style of cloths, apparel, top and underwear you have on your body, the product line commercially increases in true values. Because, you solarize-sexualize-romanticize, all fashions by way of your innately intrinsic Intelligent Intellectual, Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Design!!!


LUST + LUSTER + LUSTY + LUSTFUL, + LUSTED + LUSTING Go to fullsize imageYES: My True-Up RealiVision vs Religion & Politics, makes the truest meaning of the word lust abundantly crystal clear, cultured clean, currently compassionate and colorful complexions!

ArtistCHD’s definitions dispels all falsified radicalized rigid religiosity. Thus has trimmed down all of the morbid obese biblical adiposity. However, firing the Solar Sexus Soul up to a blazing inferno of feeling good about ones self-sexuality and living physical body person love lusting reality!!

THERAPEUTIC + CLINICAL + MEDICINAL + CURING + HEALING; Our Great GENERATOR CREATOR, Super Star SUNGOD, is the most anima-spiral-colork.gifmanifested Luster of all Love Life Light. HE & HIS Masculinity, lust Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth; forevermore everlasting LOVE SEX ROMANCE!!!

Certainly certified, the male was meant to show his strong sexual desire of passion fire to Her magnificent female femininity. Contrary to theological theories, mythological misunderstandings, seeing how the fraudulent Scriptures says such sensual appetites are “sinful”! Nevertheless, the only true sin if in fact it even exists, would be how mankind has molested, adulterated, and added his supply of negative mental chemistries; wrongly called ministries.

Emerald Green Gemstones, countering contaminating concoctions called medications, yet are legalized chemical craziness.  Incorrectly naming sexy girls and women, as being; somehow, immoral and unethical. Then insanely accusing innocent females of acting ungodly and devilish.

Alleging all stereotyped unkind, unfriendly, and unwholesome thought processes imposed by biblical beliefs that causes self-hate instead of To Love Thy Self.

My artistic methods are linked to a positive proton charged physical act and sexual intercourse application. Doing without any physical contact, butt, only by freaky-kind kinky fantasy female fun, via the Sixth Sex Sense Constructive Creative Imagination!!!

Traviling throughout CyberSpaceAge at exceedomgly fast astronomical speeds…, far in advance to its arrival here on planet earth. Before used in our biological bodily art form, is coming down as prismatic spectral hues of Eco-Ego-Electron Energy Emotions. Sometimes raining upon Mother Earth; We’s & Us’s, as a magnificent rainbow of beauteous colors. Which are intended to be lustfully intense, vividly vivacious, in a Real Live Vision of VIVIANQUEEN.

Having an indescent surface, shinning brilliantly bright, no rational reason to doubt this means lustrous! Thus lusty defined as a human being state of healthy and strong and full of vigor. Yes, virility and vitality! Very vital to our mannish male’s manhood, and musculature masculinity. Exhibiting his body-built physique.

Butt,  duly note: it is a self-destructive habit for males to masturbate Butt-side_`2.jpgexcessively, “jacking off” their potent semen sperm seeds, in total WASTE! Of course, playing with himself, genitalia, is healthful, if in fact he controls his ejaculation, thus channel his sex energy into creative genius of GREATNESS.

SELF TAUGHT: Which is the exact-expressed mannish manner in which ME MYSELF I  AM, therapeutically practicing. Building up superior-supreme power and pulsating forces contained. Never needing her to say again: “do you want for me to get you off?” NO THANK YOU MA-DAME.

Moreover we were intended to lust for a fine fit feminine female’s figure. She’s our school teacher giving heads up classes, slow or fast lusty leaners.  Yet methodicaly meditating on her  luscious looking legs, hips, thighs, pelvis, grasping her overall full length portrait body frame, and how it all figures to fits in TO-GET-HER ASS’S BEAUTIFUL BUTTOCKS!!


Vivanimation2.gifian Queen; My RealiVision vividly seen; Creamy cultured cracks clearly crystal clean; She’s a Miss misty miracle magic merchant money making mean; A delightful daring darling dirty day dream; Fine fit figured feminine female friendly fornicating fen._  

Sexy Sun bathing Her Beauty butt body; My professed love lusting lobby; Our holistic healing healthy hobby.__Welcoming wealthy women worship service sunsets; Personal private party participating pampered pets.__ Safely secured sacred secrets; Solar sexus souls saved having no regrets.__ Only invited intellectually intelligent intimate inlets; Strictly stated for exclusive exquisite amulets; Beautiful bodied babes bosom bracelets; Hiding her hairy high hill holes hamlets; Semen sperm seeded eggs ovum oven omelets.__  

I AM talking about Her planetary breastplates; Seismic sliding slates; Confidential compassionate care cream cakes; Shiveringanimation16-transition-.gif shitless shakes; Organic orgasmic gatling gun gates; Opening up during the most opportune timed dates; And managing mannish male mates, Really romancing removing rigid radical religious rakes; Falsifying fault finding foolish fakes; Saving sexual seizure sakes; Healing Her heavens hellish hates; By way of activated-energized-emergency earthquakes._    

Rap song’s bridge talkers: go fetcha pale a wadda ….ya betta make ace… cut dat racket out daia.. Who dat say dis?Who dat goz ‘n daia? Who is that going in there? … 

YES Mother Africa Nature Earth; Virgin origin orbiting oceanic sea shore surcolor_kingdom_business022.jpgf; Of cradled baby body boded well for future birth;Go to fullsize image She naturally nurtured us upon tender talented turf._ Delivered alive actively all living creatures well; Her hades hot headed heeded hell; High heat heavenly holy grail; _ Blaze burning passionately beyond the pale of the virtuous veil; Delivering everybody without fault or fail; Producing as a pair masculine male and feminine female.__  

Under radiant energy flames; Love Life Light Lilly lady’s labor pains; Bringing into being bright brilliant brains; Is the profiteering species sexual sharing self-serving shames; Each to their own capital currency grossed gains; Is the mean money making mad name of the gambling games._ Only the selected strong survive and strive; And eventfully learn to revive and thrive wealthy healthy alive.__  

Booty Butt bouncing bountiful boutique balance; Love Sex Romance upon our perfect planetary palace._ This sphere’s spinning-spiraling She color_kingdom_business023.jpgshitface; Her Humored Happy Healthy Holistic Human Race; She surely shows solarized-sexualized space; Black-brown-red-tan-yellow-white pink panty lace; By ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE; Revolving at astronomical blinding pace; And this is mature material matter mace; Nothing meant to be intended as an immature child’s play place.__  

Solar Sexus Soul’s Sun Goddess; Pretty pearly pinkish passion puss princess; Fortuitous financial forte fortress; Showcase animation8-colorking-rotate.gifcommissioned calling cause compassionate caress; Graceful gifted girl gratuitous hostess ; Excelling exhilarated exciting Empress._  

Her precious perfect pyramid’s palatable pillow; Golden gate lemon yellow; Prissy pissy pussy willow; Petals placed pleasurably mellow; Finally found fortune fame’s friendly fellowGo to fullsize image; Helping heal her human heart’s hollow; Feelings of being unloved lackluster by her male-mate below; The belly button bottom based bimbo blown billow;Womanhood’s windy waistline willingly wallow; Because her sex object date is far too short peewe shallow; Fat figured foundation farmed fallow; Toosie tissues tough to taste tangy tallow; Sacred savory smelling scents she secretly said swallow.  

She longs for fresh flowery fruity feminine female fragrances; To be eaten lively well in Loves Sexes Romances; Musical song play performances; Bouncing up and down prances; With the right rhythm rhyme times who dances; A Go to fullsize imagehappy humorous healthy sexy person who enhances; Spell bound mesmerizing spiritual trances; Focused on how the attractive girls gleefully glances.__  

color_kingdom_business019.jpgHaving his artfully formed physique; Trimmed middle mind mild mannered mystique; Flat bellied boyfriends and husbands crucial critique; And not oddly obese overbearing oblique; Funny shaped up shitlist creak; A sorry jackass-jackoff lazy butt bastard bloated bleak; However she only serves small, lean, firm, gluteus maxims unique.__  

Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature; She selectively chose my creative creature; Original artistic facial feature._ To be a Heavenly Hades Hell Fire haired trigger; Bestowed with a long slender joking jolly jingling juicy jigger; Boldly brave being bodied bigger; Her Son of the SUNGOD Slave N.I.G.G.E.R.!!!!__  

Meaning New Intelligent Genesis Genius Restorer; Potent plant progeny solar sexus seed sower; Adventurous excremental experimental expertanima-underwater.gif explorer; Stacked back babe beautiful butt behind Butt_1.jpgborer._ Molten lava volcanic eruption; Ejaculating ejection creamy crack chemical combustion._ Female and male matured masturbation; Sudden sounding sublime sexy sensation; Baking broiled beauteous buttocks in boiling incubation; Everlasting loving-lusting Evolutionary Creation._   

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Firstly foremost for fine fit Feminine Females famed fortune fortress=$$$ Plus Wonderful Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship. Her savings bonds of bountiful booty, Beauty Butt Body Babe. As she Butt-golden_3.jpgincreases stupendous amounts of royal richness, truest values, women’s worth, to the uppermost highest economic levels of achievement success. Via Solar Sexus Soul Savior Service…$$$

We embrace that which we wish well wisely to be queenly queer; Each to their own without frightful fear; Marry whosoever you choose to beloved darling dear; Heterosexual-transsexual-homosexual-bisexual Lesbian’s rear; For they’re are all cleansed crackpot ass holes healthfully here.__Rational reasons self-righteous religiosity; Has no capacity Go to fullsize imagecomprehension causal curiosity; Due to their overweight prejudiced poundage adiposity; Warmonger hate-mongers self-actualizing atrocity; Violating valued virtuous viral velocity; The great Creator-Generator-Giver’s gracious gift generosity._  

Liberating lovable looking Lilly Love Licolor_kingdom_business015.jpgfe Light Lady; She’s shy souls source so solemnly shady._ Fine fit feature figured female femininity; Made mostly to be the Receiver of manly masculinity; As both submissively subdue subservient self-Ego; Creating common compassionate caring compatible carried cargo; Dropping all dead weight extra pound payload on the no slow go; And remember that CK-NWCA THE COMFORTER told you so; To wear the rare rich royal Crown of Glory”s halo glow; all pro-grow-snow show.__  

Wicked Witch Wealthy White Women Womanhood’s Wisdom; Blackish Brown Bitch blatant back biting bickering bosom; Beauties butternut blossom; New World Creative Arts Color Kingdom; The kindhearted King of Queendom; Setting she souls free from being lonely lonesome; I AM the long loving lustful stranger handsome.__From his inside sexuality out; And not from the outside sexless in no doubt; For which our personal private practices in route; Surely solar sexus science system services are all about._   

Of our MultiplexRacialBody color cultural complexions; Multiplexing planetary people reflections. __Her brilliant bright brainy beauty; Is lots more than just pretty pink pussy cutty; Showing elegant femininity as ani-shakycam-colorking.gifher health care cootie .__ Buck bouncing bountiful belittled boot booty; Shitkicker small size sock stocking soft shoe snobbish snooty; Bootie boutique tootsie tootie fruity; My dream darling’s double dimple dumpling devil damned duty.__   

This is a fair fashioned fine-fit female; Of rare royal rich quality we surely smell; Orderly odors orgasmic organism humanely I can tell; To be appreciated from the bottoms up without fail; Especially by every gentleman kinky Kingly kind of male.__Look at the VivianQueen’s wavy Go to fullsize imagewalk; Hear the timing timbres in her talented talk.__Making meaningful merchandise money; She’s a lawfully legal honey.__ Our mental model monetary; Exquisite exclusive exercising executive secretary; Soft spoken smooth so very; Much adored and love lusted necessary._   

This wholesome witchy woman’s whitely wealth; Helps heal Her holistic human health._Keeping Her high hill hiphugger hipjoint-hipbone figure in sharp shape; Never eating too much floury fluke food cake; color_kingdom_business046.jpgCream puff pastry pantry panty pate; Then worry why she attracts another daterapemate; Being another foolish fat figured fake; A messy meaty meal mistake; Now avoid gaining far too much musty-busty breastplate weight; Due to the fast food junk the other he and she ate; Chooses craving crazy carbohydrate._   

Carefully chose a low carb crave nutritional diet; Exercise realization’s relaxation contemplation-meditation in complete quiet.__Let us acknowledge her first Female financed fashion; Might we admire her polite non-political passion.__ That she’s; Working smart in service to please; Go to fullsize imageEconomic income increase with ease; Likes to flirt, have fun and tenderly tease.__ Crock crotch peacock colored crack of dawn; Cracked up to be a black jackass ace of spade by-gone__  

Slowly slipped through Her cracking ruts; In the early morning break up of slit shitting sluts; Glaciers gleaming glassy gluts._ Eating hoghead cheese, anima-psoter-colork.gifhamhocks, hog maws, pigsfeet and chitling guts; Ball bearing blasting bullet busrting bully butts; Wasting chestnutswalnutspeanutsbutternutscoconuts, bullnuts and two nuts.__ Sharp meat cleaver; Her hairy beaver 

His hydrocarbon catalytic cracker barrel belly; Dr. Peebody plump peashooter peaberry jelly.__As she’s so shot shocked shitless sorry to see; The sight of his little league pee peewee._ He’s trying to hide his shame behind a peacoat; Shifting the blame for failure’s fatty float; Of his big buttocks boat; To some anomalous anonymous scapegoat; Deviating from what is normal to duly note; Unexpectedly attempting to clear the thickened throat; Due to his stomach being a big bubble bloat.__  

Peculiar peachy peaflowl percolator pea patch; Her hairy peahen hatch; And bushy beaver batch; Stealthy sneaky snatch; Pure Pee Dee River runs waterlogged streams to match; And locks long lady legs to latch; All around lured in enticed men she peacock catch.__Familiar pedal pushers women’s calf-length pants Peeping Tom peekaboo priestly pedophile; Peeper person peering predator profile; Looking in on sexual affairs with a funny freak fen’s smile._ Insightful silent voice voyeur; An attorney prosecuting prostituting legal lawyer.__  

Depicted pectorals pertaining to breast; Her upper body bosom best chest; Do you vehemently detest; Mom and son, dad and daughter incest; Should you call the criminal cops crazy arrest; Or leave them alone at their better best.__Shall we be self-righteous really to rest; Letting Divine Will be others judicial judgmental test.__   

Purified peaty brown; I re-peat moss made acid ground; Eating her out going down town; Homegrown vegetable garden girl gracefully grown._ Soulful soillike material matter; Why not become skinnier and no longer flabbily fatter; Because the only stuck up stuff stinky shit she splatter; Characteristic of boggy blocked up batter; Yet her healthy produce crops clatter; Talk telling truthfully taught crackerjack chatter; Going toward Mother Nurturer’s lower ladies latter; Formally feasting face first faithfully finalized female flatter.__  

Hot-heated-warm-cool-cold crack cream icy; Partly decomposed feces species spicy; Take your chances challenging changes called dicey; Solar Sexus sales are highly pricey._Slippery she shitty slide; Demeaning to the anima-stear.gifdomineering Ego’s false self-pride; Who wrongly told you what was bad and good and abide; What’s healthfully alive and yet deceptively died; Well, it’s extremely clandestine to hide; All of the fraud in fact liars who wickedly lied.__  

In Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs, As all competition move out of the way and resigns.__Vivid colors crystal clear; VivianQueen is preciously dear.__ Eloquent sales representative; Imaginative, Creative and innovative-exclusive-executive._ Supremely superior supersets; Breastplate of beauteous bracelets; Identical twins of diamond amuletscolor_kingdom_business029.jpg._ Pleasingly pretty precious pearls; She’s our lovable gifted girl; Dancing and prancing in a twisting whirl; Draped by gemstones of opal, emerald, sapphire, crystallite and beryl.__   

Royalty richness real rare; Dark-shade-tint-light and fair; The milk of love life light to stair; At in amazing wonder with two eyes of a pair.__ Her bosom; Of wealthy wisdom; Of Color Kingdom; New World Creative Arts; For all love-peace and harmony hearts._A current cultured clean dream; Visually vivid vivacious VivianQueen.__ 


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