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TO LOVE THY SELF= CK-NWCA 2010 Precious Jewels Rare Gemstones of Artwork!

Published August 3, 2009 by musicianchd


Part One Vocals

To Our Precious Little Babies because they are valued Rubies, Gold Nuggets, Rare Diamonds, Gemstones of appreciating worth and wealth…$$$ 

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………….Now listen to me ………

Our rich divine health; And honest true wealth$$$.__ Internal values sacred to a King & Queen; My artistic vision and real live dream: Moral virtues so pure and eloquently clean.__-


Ideals everlasting from that kingdom of Love; Down inside us bestowed from the heavens high up above.__The most powerful instrument on planet Mother Earth; The Creators of Love gave life its New World birth; Plants, animals, fish, reptiles, insects and humans on Her turf._
………. um-m huh …………..
Happy soul searching surround sound; Giving grace to our glorious globe all around._ Humankind having a caring change of heart; A revitalized mind for a good faith start._With everybody playing their precious performing part._
The first aid musical medications; Healing and curing our GlobalWorldNations._With my original theme song creation; From the constructive creative imagination..__Beauteous birds briskly fly; Gracefully with a natural high; Harmonic notes no longer shy; Openly in the free flowing sky._
Bridge: TO LOVE THY SELFBarack and Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Cynthia McKinney, Jesse Jackson and Jesse Peterson, Al Sharpton. Hillary Clinton, John-Joe Biden, US President’s Financial, Educational-Health Team, Secretary of State, And everybody else…. To Love Thy Self. repeated..
Correcting the contents of our characters; Yes we can become the blessed inheritors._ Appreciating the great master inventors
It all starts from well-being within; Welcoming repentance to this very end; And forgiveness of silly sin; Inviting our international family friend._Those on the right side of history; Self-acceptance is no strange mystery._

…………Now pay close attention …….
A positive proton charged change; We have arrived to rearrange.__The innovative spirit is set free at last;We have “earned” this day here exceedingly fast; Rightfully from hard work of history’s past._

Yes it’s the productive time and season; Progressive purposes applied with reason; Bravely exploring the subconscious region._Where the pure gold; And rare stones are stored bold; Securely kept jewels not yet sold; I’m intuitively told.__
shownnough…Now hear me clearly…>>>Bridge TO LOVE THY SELF;… Different Character personalities proclaim; The United States of America To Love Thy Self, Mother Africa…, Asia…, Europe…, And everybody else on the face of this earth to learn To Love Thy Self. repeated.
This is something to pray, illustrate and show; That I not only believe but truly know; We must read-write-study-practice in order to grow._Because the human brains can eventually learn; To perform miracles masterfully with energies to burn; As we reap what we sow for harvest to earn.__
The genius is buried profoundly deep; Off into the soulful soils inch by feet; Potent seeds germinating awake from their sleep; Sprouting up from the grassroots ground level so sweet. _
Speeding up Capitol Hill to top policy priority; A diplomatic decision of the public majority._Cleansing the interior of the whole body personnel; To the peak of perfection I can clearly tell._Our success story succeeds without fail._Going the extra miles far beyond the pale of the veil._
Looking from the inside out; Seeing wholesome fruit of the inner spirit in route._You are doing yo-o best which is better than most; You and I are the shinning super stars of host._Showing the lovely love songs of life; Smart artwork is the citizenship price Our contributing talents elegantly nice; And natural gifts of self sacrifice._
Now we relax calm cool and collected; Energy emotions compassionately directed; May I pretty please politely perfected.__

you can left; Thus  TO LOVE THY SELF  Thank Y’all Very Much.


The Perfected Positive Proton Problem Solving Solution and correct answer rightly given!

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Part Two Vocals

 Our Supremely Divine Health; Giving Us Superior Spiritual Self-wealth$$$._

Now listen to m closely…>>>
An advantageous way of openly sharing; Quoting the educated mentality talking while comparing._Giving credit where due merit deserve; Free speech expressions our cause and purpose to serve.__I hope I made myself clear.
Bridge over peaceful waters >>>
 TO LOVE THY SELF  Leaves no harmful pharmaceutical poisons left._Because wisdom’s knowledge has taken place; The universal medicine by the free gift of grace; The purified prescription in wholesome taste; Our Savior of The Homo Sapiens Human Race._
By the very same saving token; My divine god nature has expressly spoken; Excuses and alibis are beautifully broken._
Yet some foolish persons may resist; And have ignorant issues with this; Albeit those of wisdom do indeed insist._That “To Know Thy Self”; Is To Love Thy Self.__
We are rich kings and wealthy queens; Princesses and princes by ancient genetic means.__Of a royal blood and spiritual priesthood; Historical majesty my mighty passion perfectly understood.__Which in truth tells the right rational thinking mind; That by eating healthful food is correct for all humankind. And that the Spirit of Love is Life Divine.__
This remedy goes for the toxic “Tell-lie-vision” Researching the medical journals our-self is a worthy decision; With crucial analysis and judgment precision; “The Spirit of Truth” is the only holistic religion.__
Yeah, I just wanted y’all to know that it doesn’t really matter if you are are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist…what ever you want to call your self ..ya got to learn to love your self >>>TO LOVE THY SELF Thank Y’all Very Kindly A.  B. C.

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Our Spiritual Wealth & Divine Health

……….pt. 3 vocals ………..
“The King of Kings” surprising; The prophesied Messiahs are Rising;
COLOR KINGDOM NWCA enterprising.__The prophesied leaders of faith-belief and hope; Neutralizing the negative programming mad media dope; Applying positive proton charged energies on a good note..
Yes, our MultiplexRacialBody of color Messias; A spiritual state of being “most assuredly” desirous.__Woman & Man, Female & Man human kindness; He & She, Father GOD & Mother GODDESS.__
Pulling all together liberated literally anointed; Dully sworn in and appropriately appointed; Unified in the body jointed._As a consummated Almighty ONE; Under our radiant solar system sun._
“The Lord of LordsAs we have overcome deceptive frauds; Accepting the divinity in us as goddesses and gods._“The Christ in you the hope of glory”; So listen closely to ArtistCHD’s true story.__
“We have arrived” unto the resurrection; ToLoveThySelf with poetic perfection; Treating each other with artistic affection; The problem solving solution as the right correction._
……….Now I’m old Christian Lady Lou.>>>….
Some silly fools have an issue with us; Quoting the Bible Scriptures with their idiotic fuss; A form of ignorance and stupidity thus._
……….Big Willie Slam Duncan say yea and >>>.
“Study to show thy self approved unto God“; For we are instructed to research all fraud; To discover the truth about our personal Lord; And to KNOW that humankind has never seen God.__
Black Soul Brother Hell Fire says >>>
Because on the reality visual scene; The Holy Spirit can’t be openly seen; We must repent and have regrets I honestly mean; From these false religious beliefs and come spotlessly clean._
Yeah ya right brother >>>
For “The Spirit of Truth” is the love of life; Learn the colored skin complexion of brother Jesus Christ; Applying so very nice our talents and gifts as a self-accountable price; Never requiring a violent red blood sacrifice.__
Meaning the principles of LovePeace & Harmony; Doing away with hateful white supremacy’s hegemony._And releasing the sad self-hate that we in history ate; Bringing back black to a normalized present state._ Reversing the illegitimate legacy of slavery; With courage “COME FOLLOW ME” in bold bravery.__
Black, white, pink, red, brown, tan, yellow; Effective energy emotions smooth and mellow._ Portraying the pictures of caring colorful people; Happy, healthy and dynamically balanced racially equal;
The holy cross of love perched upon the church house steeple.__
It’s our legitimate symbol of living in the spirit; The Holy Ghost we will no longer fear it; Having the knowledge thereby give graceful merit.__
…….um huh………….
And not one of death; But divine health and true wealth$$$_ For after the body dies the spirit still lives; So bravely take up your cross that love freely gives;__
I’m O country Boy Redneck Red…>>>
It’s all good, it’s all gravy; That the socio-economics level out the playing fields of crazy; Back to ground based beginnings as a challenge for the lazy._
ha ha ha..yeah he’s one of the good decent whites…>>>
Let us promote revitalizing BlackSoulFood; For a restored restful relaxed mood.
I’m Dizzy Lizzy…>>>
FunkySoulSongSeason; African American culture for sound reason._.It is our dietary secure-safe self-loving SAVIOR; Fragrant fresh fruit of the spirit in tasteful flavor._
……Se Mi Amigo I’m Oaxaca Mexico >>>…
An appetite aptly for valued self knowledge; Hunger for wisdom found by extensive mileage; In library books, dictionaries and self-constructive college._
Organized structures of education that we completely control; Teaching our kids nutritional methods in the schools they enroll._
Hand and hoe cultivated collard, mustard, and turnip greens; Cooked and raw as it detoxifies nightmarish dreams; Thus purifies our digestive systems and gently cleans; By Mother Nature’s Laws of salvation saving means.__

It is the time to plant our fresh vegetable crops; Wholesome homegrown garden plants in flower pots And every other large or small lots._Because we can no longer afford job cut costly drops;
Nor depend on a fallen financial system as props. Blessedly being prepared with communal store co-ops.__
Yes this is conscious raising CyberJazzBluesRapP; Homegrown grassroots musical songs played from the HipP & LapP. Truly ‘the Lord help those who help them selves’; Taking full controls over our lives and grocery shelves.__“For without a vision the people perish“;
Creative insight we welcome, embrace and joyfully cherish._
OK y’all, better get out there in that yard and plant some vegetables and stop making these  excuses…. A—we must go forward >>>

Part 4 vocals

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Our SuperiorSupremeSuperSpirit Wealth$$$; The Inspirational Nutritional Divine Health!
…………….um uh shownough ……….
COLOR KINGDOM NWCA says “Yes We Can” For “We have arrived” upon our Creators Command; To bravely claim our USA Promised Land; According the Almighty Master’s Grand Plan.__
…… now listen to me closely……..
Unified as a MultiplexRacialBody as a capital based ONE; Eating healthful Soul Food under our radiant solar sun. The true Black culture calmly cleansed in panorama total sum.__
………..ha ha ha……………..
Redefining what our real Mother Africa-America diets truly  are; Upgrading our relationship understanding of autonomy by far; Raising the highest standard ideals of the breakfast and dinner bar; Looking up to our savory SolarSystemSunSuperStar.__
……Old Christian First Lady Lou says…Praise the Lord Son >>>
Mrs. Michelle Obama said “we are bacon eaters“; Live before the public TV program feeders. An African American First Lady of the Black & White House; The international flag flying faithfullyfrom the digital church house.__
. uh uh uh sure ya right Old Church House Geechee Deacon Dan says …..
Feeding her two kids the highest healthy protein; Which is a scientific fact just as religiously clean; As any other red meat, fat or learn; It has thus come true their real live dream._
Big Willie Slam Duncan says...
Yeah..Our potato salad filled with rich color vegetable hue; For we love to eat it with onions-pickles, olives,celery, peppers pure and true. And Whoppi Goldberg said on TV Show The View;”Leave the bacon alone”  Politely telling white dietitians to ceasedegrading us to the bone.__
A positive proton progressive productions; The wholesome dietary delightful induction; Detoxifying negative statistical data combustion; Replaced by self-determined cook book instruction;
Decontaminating our stereotyped minds of self-destruction.__
…pay attention!……O’country boy redneck red says…
Huk huk..Leaving no harmful brainwashing musical songs left.__ No longer programmed to hate the ethnic kitchen self._ Taking controls of our culture of culinary artwork wealth Baked, broiled, boiled and pan fried re-vitalized health.__Chewing the crisp lush plant ideas and concepts; Exercising the mouth and jaws with many reps._
….Miss Dizzy Lizzy says …..
Eating lots of omega-3 ALA-EPA & DHA; To counter balance the excessive Omega-666 I intelligently say.__ Listening to Mother Wit to the fullest degree;Fish oil, the marine meal to help set the heart of love free; Fresh fruit picked off of the back yard tree
Oaxaca Mexico says …Si Amigo….

Now inviting and welcoming healthful Mexican & BlackSoulFood;
Openly embracingg FunkySoulSongSeason for a good mood.__ The ignorance of self-abnegating-dislike; As it flew out of the open window taking a long– hike._
….sings while crossing the bridge>>..
ToLoveThySelf… TO LOVE THY SELF…….
Yeah..bravely bold bringing back black; The true American nutritional snack pack; Replacing the distorted version of the Big Mack._ With our African traditions cutting our opposition no slack._
ha ha ha Black Soul Brother HadesHellFire, go ahead on..
Let us shift and change our impulses of thought; And be proud of the dietary menu brought as we fought; For freedom of expression’s choice; This is the language of ArtistCHD’s poetic voice.__ Saying for us to justify teaching beginners how to swim; And being very careful not to by bias bigotry condemn.__ Those of us who choose to eat meat; Pork-beef-chicken-fish-lamb I repeat._

Because rightly read real research raised; The question about how the food source livestock were grazed.__And after we study deeply behind the distorted stats; One will discover the honest sincere facts;
And know that commercial crop also lacks; The needed nutrients to help heal whites and blacks.__
No matter if one is pink-red-brown-tan or yellow skinned; We all must have cleans food to eat from the beginning to the end; Making home grown vegetable gardens our closest of all friend; As I drink a collard green, cactus, aloe-Vera juice fiber blend.__
Mother Nature’s equalizing balance dynamics; Establishing the proper ratio of acid-alkaline physics.__A refreshing liquid from Her Green chlorophyll; To neutralize the acidic contents of meats and grain meal; This is the USA’s correct Soul Food Culture for real; Farmed product poisons are the toxins that deadly kill; Causing a blood sugar glucose spike raising the health care bill.__
OK y’all.. all y’all good black people… and African Americans, and mixed race…and what ever you wanna call your selves, it’s all right with me, but one thing for sure, we got to start positively believing in our self …. and.. we must learn how  TO LOVE THY SELF AMEN Good By

Thank you ….. Composed on Thursday, February 26, 2009… 1:12 AM

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