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Cosmic Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP-HipP+LapP = My-Revolutionary + Ra-Volutionary- Creative Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form =MusicianCHD1 = Mastermind-Meta-Musical Mediums + Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts

Published November 7, 2018 by musicianchd
Cyber Jazz Blues RapP HipP & LapP_color

YES Y’all: My Evolutionary Ra-Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form: CyberJazzBluesRapP; Homemade grassroots music metaphysical mediums played from the HipP & LapP; to adore-adopt and to adapt; And happily enjoy in delight with cheering hands that clapP; All around our USAA+ PROMISED LANDS  geographical mapP.__

YAWLS hold on tight tonight on this total truth telling  fearless flight, for it’s a fortune finding fist fight!

anima tubaman_an383OK YAWLS: Listen up and pay close attention, I’m happily informing the Whole Wide World Woven Web, that there’s a very serious problem being successfully solved. And that’s the terrifying thugs, gambling ghetto grownup gangster Hip Hop rappers!

Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP_color neg image 

Animated%20Gif%20Music%20(105)We’s & Us’s keep on hearing all of the nasty nose negative “Negro”national news, namely Negroidians, about how vulgar, profane, obscene they talk. And are awfully artless. And also adversely antagonistic against authentic artworks as African Americans; people of color of Africa’s ascent. (Latin language “Niger” + Spanish = the color black.)

Albeit, BUTT, better bestowed beneficially born blessed, a perfected replacement has arrived, arising as advancing and accelerating Artheist Actionaries. Through these testifying, True-Up U-Turn talented terminologies, telling the total truths 100%+!  

watermarked and copyright 2018

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My Master Messiah Musical: = mp3

The Talented Theme Tune & Soulful Spiritual Song: Mp3 Kiwi6

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ANOINTED-1This talented theme tune turns timetables to telling the total truths. Mind – Spirit and Soul: Searching song with a; hard hitting heavy bass bottom beat. Mountain moving mental modeling music. Yes y’all, it makes ya wanna-move and grove with the big time bandsman; and solitaire solo Musician-ArtistCHD1

an heartanima%20butterfly_4.gif

Unfortunately: The crucial criticisms go on and on, bad mouthing the CDs and DVDs being produced and published, pushed and politically propagandized upon the people’s planetary populations. Purposely producing + proliferating psychopath personalities, + pirate predatory profiteers, politicized preying mantises; impersonating ethical money making morality!

 Howsoever, those whining, crying, constantly complaining, are failing to find other alternative musical styles, genres, art forms.  , trying to black-a-fy or white-s-fy Humanoid-ians. Studiously staying stuck on stupid stuff. So Stop-Point-Blank-Period, poisoning planetary people’s psychological perceptions + polluting persons perspectives! 


Fortunately, for full financed fitness, first family funded foundation = full fledged flowing flying freedom of Artistic Expression. Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; HipP LapP vs Hip Hop;  handily happily humors, helps heal holistic humanity, Holistory’s Healthy Heritage;

Righteously restoring, reinstating, re installing, refreshing; RALIGION vs RELIGION.  Reincarnating and resurrecting RealiVision = Real Live Vision.  Realized resounding reverberating, RAYZIAL radiance, raising rare rich royal resources!


Our 21st century CyberSpaceAge COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts;    MASTER1 Melanin Media, + My Master Mind Mental Models, Maga-Meta-Musical Mediums. Increasing your vibration frequencies, wavelengths, so that you may be able to tune in on, Omnipresent ORIGIN-ORG-ONE-1. Equals =  Esoteric Extraterrestrial Energies = elevated entities, enhanced elements, executing ecology + economy = excelled ECO-ENERGYSTICS-1!


SURELY – SECURELY – SAFELY SAVING KIDS: At the advent of their conceived creation of birth. Even evidently in the event of before being born beautiful babies as infants. Seeing and hearing how that the young mothers are to be buying these artworks, musical compositions as soon as possible. Our digitized MP3 song sound tracks of our 21st century CyberSpaceAge. Correctly conditioning children consciousness, colorized cognizance, and awaking their cosmic creative chemistry!

CK-NWCA Save babies – Kids – children:

 anima Guitar_2anima Guitar_3

CHILDREN’S Computerized Comic-creative Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; HipP & LapP: detects, detoxifies, destroys destructive demonic denominations, devilish deceptions. How?

CONDUCTOR: Conditioning the mind in a congenial, pleasant, meaningful manner. Instilling + installing artful attributes serving as healers, and curing currencies. Restoration of health, vibration frequencies in a patterned pathway that the 1960’s through 1990’s styles of music just simply were never intended to do. And that is for the most performance parts play, could not and did not effectively and proficiently relieve a person of the symptom of a disease or condition.

Howsoever AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1, is enabled to help eliminate a fallen mental state of depression, as a therapeutic medicinal method of meditated mediums, memorized metaphysical music.  Activated because Me+Myself+ I have said so. divinely decreed it to be, via  “THE POWER OF INTENTION” (Dr. W.W. Dyer)

Expressly via  infinite intellectual intelligence of the Universal MASTER MIND!!!  The healthy heart  beats of a drum… the instrumental minstrels of a meditating mind of membranes, that are melanin manufactured. YES, Yes yes, meant to heal injuries, repair hateful harm done inhumanely.  Our clean cultured counter-combative, computerized Cyber Jazz Blues RapP; HipP & LapP vs Hip Hop. Through singing and dancing, thus TO LOVE THY SELF via LOVE SENSATION SPIRIT SUBLIME. 

NO No no: These musical songs were not meant to be mimics of the great grand geniuses of old world jazz-blues. Never made to be like artistic musicians of the classical old-schools and senior citizens. Nor intended to copycat any of the by-gone days of time periods passed ways, deceased and died off a long while ago, butt not fully forgotten.

FORTUNATELY BETTER BENEFICIALLY BLESSED: Are authentic artworks, aesthetically actualized = Arthiest Actionary arrangements. Actively alive and well and raw! Healthfully homegrown, happily humorous homemade holistic healing.

Arthiest_color Arthiest_color neg image

Divinely Decreed Donation Code: will not work directly, on other links, objects, postings, blogs, etc. It only works by itself or embedded at my Web site: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts,  connecting COMPASS Banking Safe Security Systems

YES Y’all: You may have your purchased artworks, digital format files, expertly enlarged, elegantly enhanced by photo-printing professionals. Expressly, FedEx.Office:

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Africa + Amen +Me + Men + Ra + Ram + Am + Be + Bee

1. Guidelines + Leading Lines, Rulers & Measuring Tools: MOTTHER MATRIARCH MAATRIX;  means strict operational objectives + organizational order! Established equalized – equilibrium bio-bodily balance =// 100% !! Not too sensitive or insensitive, butt a neutral-neutron zone, not necessarily -negative or positive+. And one may not be allowed nor persons permitted to just say and do anything that they wish and want to. Expressly in this shifted, sacred sense, sanely said: Homo-human _ or else_ homo-humanoid as opposed – opposite to old-school sexuality sensitive sayings: “homosexual”. wiser word wisdom will be: Same-sex-sapiens. And or single-sex-sapiens = socially scientific!

 YES: You may be permitted to purchase portrait pictures, plus+ personalized printing profitably + professionally. Reproduce them on various canvases, materials, fabrics, apparels, as you will want to. And additionally, the available-accessible letters, sacred syllabic spirituous symbols, may be used financially free for personal apparels – garments – T-shirts. Howsoever, I respectfully request, that you also, commit capital cash currency, donate digitized dollars = $$$ to CK-NWCA‘s Financed Funding Family Foundation.. (PayPal online banking = Compass Bank, Herein The Beauteous City of San Antonio, Texas.) HOME:

Please continue reading >>>>

SPIRITED: “Full of energy, enthusiasm and determination. Having a specified character, outlook on life, or mood.” So then the displayed designs of various textiles, fashion fabrics, illustrates one’s determination to achieve ascended achievement successes. Congenial circulating currencies, pleasant, and agreeable, becasue of being suited to one’s taste or inclination. Such as great artwork considered Classic not classical, unless it was createdd in the art forms of antiquity or ancient times.’

I’m also talking about cultural coloration classics, not to be mistaken for clssical music, which is formal and sophisticated music adhering to cetain stylistic principles, esp. those of the 18th century.’ And CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP is CLASSY, “informal, stylish and sophisticated.”

WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Population animation2.gifProtests: as a mandatory must, make meaningful movements. Melodic-Methodic Motions. Musically moving right along everlasting leading lines of Love Life Light Locks!!!

OK y’all.  may I break all of this back down to their plain-o- simplified artful forms. It is very much needed that we let go of the old-timer, granddaddy and grandmamma old-fashioned T-Model Ford mentality. Yet bringing back ancient times of antiquity, and antique or antiquated artwork; in an updated, upgraded present day rendition. My True-Up U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision = REAL-LIVE-VISION!

Consciously combining the musical scale of notes with applied artworks as portrayed pictures, that are depicted in many panoramic pretty and pleasing perspectives. Multiplex dimensional drawings, geographical lines, polygons, shapes and angles; joined together forming one single symphonic orchestration. Calmly compose currencies, clean cultural colorations, in organizational order to cause calmly composed, containment controlled currencies = climatic changes.

Mixing music with Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.   Deliberately designing the art exhibits and Rare Rich Royal specimens. Enhancing healthy healing, hurting hearts; as clinically current cultured cures. Courageously counter-combating color coded curses!

One exposed…. Shall sooner than later begin to no longer desire to drink alcoholic beverages, nor smoke toxic tobacco cigarettes, and chemically laced marijuana-weed-grass squares. Could prompt a person to drop their deadly drug addictions and food affictions of excessive overeating all manner of foods. So called good or bad processed products. The point of paramount importance is strictly one of overindulgence! CyberJazzBluesRapP may serve as a savior, redeemer, of the Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul Savior;  via the SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!

Oldies but Goodies: Even though they no doubt sound so sophisticated, recording studio mastered, and manufactured mainly just to sound good when played and heard. Butt, believe my telling y’all that meaningful music is much more than just that. Regardless of how rhythmic, soulful, melodic, and of course, expertly played instruments and how professionally parts perfectly performed. I strongly emphasize, in spite of this!

 Albeit, with the uppermost regards and justly due respects; the so called wax records made back in their day, no material matter how advanced today’s technologies are; can not put into those old-outdated compositions; that simply was never put inside of them when they were created. None of those recording artists had any knowledge or know how about how the computerized-digitized dimensions operated or media functioned. And had not been exposed to our CyberSpaceAge computer productions.

Therefore, they have to step aside. Move out of the patterned pathways, of our on coming current creative children. And with AN HONORABLE  SALUTE, proudly take their proper places in recorded history. Thus respectfully embalmed upon the talented time tables, totally tested through Trials & Tribulations. Recognized as being dead musical meat, not to forevermore eat or repeat their prominence periods. Never to try and dig up the dead beats; butt, ‘n lovin’ faith always buried out in the gifted graveyard cemeteries, underground beneath the growing green grasses of ALL MIGTHY DIVINE GRACE!!!

PRETTY PLEASE LISTEN UP CLOSELY: Right now today at this current moment while prospecting what’s coming real soon upon The Event Horizon. May all positive open-minded members, relearn how to readjust and solemnly shift their righteous, rational reasoning minds into a forthcoming and on going gear.

What I truly mean is to not only try and understand, butt, to completely anima-psoter-colork.gifcomprehend, this commission calling cause to cleanse our current culture; so that our visual eyes can see the crystal clear climatic changes of the occurring ColorComPlexTrix. 

YES: our on coming generations of child offspring shall surely be born beneficially blessed; by being inside the innovative enterprise, domain of COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. A Rich-Royal-Rare few. And in my private-personal estimations; only about – approx. 10% to 12% currently clinically clean cultured kids.

PREGNANT FEMALES: In particularly the still young teenagers who are impressionable and tender. Plus those youthful girls who are planning to have a baby born one day sooner or later; are to starting listening to my Musical Metaphysical Media. Begin before birthing a child and while the embryos, fetuses and or infants are living inside of her healthy stomach;, under Wealthy Womanhood’s Womb working with witty wisdom, worthy of worldwide worship! 

This is brainy training as it will be later on potty training While actively in labor, and upon delivery, this preconditioning is setting a series of stages. A predisposition towards totaling true talents in early childhood. Adding them up from inside to outside. Inverted-converted to overt operations communications; on a conscious thinking level of awakening awareness.

Automatically know that they are lots more than being humanly “Somebody”; butt, a per-sun and hue-main who instinctively and intuitively and spiritually self-realizes and self-actualizes themselves. And nobody can tell them/us any different, nor without strong resistance try to put us down, low-rate or degrade our immunity’s innate constitutions of protective defenses. Fearlessly fighting back all antagonist advertise and or enemy energy entities ; whosoever, they might be? Abusive parents, teachers, preachers, priests, bishops, deacons, police, crooked cops, corrupt governments, religious-political leaderships and ya name the rest of them. Consequently worldly duping-bribing-brainwashing such as our mindsets, is out of the question, our of order and just simply and plainly is never going to happen!!

CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP; plants potent seed ideas and creative concepts, abysmally deep down inside the subterranean regions of ani-wave-colork.gifthe Con-Science. Not to be mistaken to mean the commonly called subconscious. Because we all have a personalized Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR.

Moreover, my mastermind melanin media, metaphysical music compositions are symphonic orchestrations. Intentionally carrying more meaningful methods of making musical songs. Opening up Extraordinary Sensory Receptions = ESR. This is no precept butt is an incept. A sent message that is received first and foremost, then returned in response to Extra Sensory Perception.

Likewise, the newly forming children when small has in tact their Brightanimation17-luminou.gif Brilliant Brains; which is naturally attuned to the leading Lords Love Life Light Locks and A+ Sons of SUNGODD DEITY. 

Many moods before their recent arrivals; ancient times of antiquity, human history records such digital data well within each and every cell membrane of the living body organism. Hundreds of thousands of years implanting, programming, the physiological and biological genetic traits, inclusively, the Messenger RNA + Mitochondria (DUAL-DOUBLE) DNA CODES

Therefore, as an AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, Africoid-Negroid predominantly my family’s ancient ancestry dates as far back in historicity’s beginnings at the great grand Genesis Genius CREATIVE EVOLUTION.

Meaning that I know that I have the enabled ability to dig down profoundly deep inside my original state of being before becoming an indwelling-inspirited, human in bodily flesh and blood, bone and marrow.

As an aesthetically authentic applied arts of artistic actualized attributes, I can only talk about knowing my own status: To Love Thy Self. And you will have to speak up to or talk down to yourself to discover what and who you truly are; then learn to dearly love it!

anim-staineglass.gifA natural high plane, traveling at astronomical speeds moving exceedingly fast, at rapid vibration frequencies. Through vibrant and radiant rays of prismatic spectral hues of the Magnetic Field of Color-Complex-Trix. 

Pleasingly pretty patterned pathways, sending and receiving rhythmic resounding wavelengths. To and from, back and forth and circling all around encompassing our Global-World-Nations. 

So then y’all once you have consciously decided to choose to be wakened to become aware of these things happening, you shall also begin to understand why that the old-school by-gone classics can’t deliver nor heal or cure humanity’s insanity. Seeing how that none of these recording artists had any knowledge or know how in computerized-digitized data. Thereby, leaving our most talented and eloquently gifted geniuses; lacking in overall and in general artistic apprehension and creative comprehension.

Besides: And no man made, manufactured medicines has the innate abilities, intrinsic factors, or artistic attributes to effectively server us as Problem Solving Solutions. These are chemical concoctions as addictive drugs, that are so very easy to abuse and misuse, by hospital patients, staffs, nurses, doctors and poisonous pharmaceutical pill pushing prescribing pimp physicians!!! Crack-pot dope slingers!

After the internal intrinsic elements are electrically connected, then, which wiring mechanisms are linking into overlapping, overlays. Intricately woven ani-colork-perch.gifinto a fabric fashion of fragrant flower blossoms. Forming the females bosoms, bearing the fresh feminine fruit of Her Labor pains impregnated therein and hereof and thereby a Son of SOLARSUN. 


A SOLO ARTIST ALTERNATIVE: Individual Independent per-sun and hue-main being. Is strictly required to perform these musical metaphysical phenomena; as a stand alone. In organizational order to BE, the sole mastermind bright brilliant brain, behind the art projects of the composing constructive creator imagination.

LOVE SENSATIONS SPIRIT SUBLIME: demands that one seek solitude, quietness, peacefulness and calmness, in their immediate living and home recording studio. He or she have to learn how to teach themselves, like I have successfully accomplished. Able to play several live or real musical instruments, reading the musical scale of notes sufficiently enough. Starting back when I was a young lad in the third grade of elementary school age under a popular conductor. Continuing on under junior and high school band instructors teachings and conservative leaderships, through the military armed services, college, until presently today.

Certainly to acquire such know how, one has to discipline themselves, and be very careful to be patient with oneself too. And expect frustrations, disappointments, setbacks, delays in active growth and seeable developments. One has to artfully apply their most holy faith-hope and belief that they Can Do It. Whatsoever, reasonably and rationally they put their minds to, focusing their energized efforts into creatimh that in which is imagined, envisioned with a passionate blazing burning desire, even of Heavens Hades Hell flaming fires of financed funded fitness = $$$ 

Then, after which prerequisite processes are done or carried out completely, the next steps simply just start to fall into proper place. Prompting one to continue along certain guidelines without deviations or failure to follow on through. Regardless of how objective or outside things might look, seem to go so slowly. Nor ever worry about what the gossiping two-face back stabbing others are saying; because, they are usually scared cowards; too afraid even try to think outside the box, as they say. They would rather play it safe, and stay entrapped within the confines of a Skinner’s Box and river rat race in a confusing-chaotic maze. So be it!

Politely pretty please put on the whole armor of your personalized profit producing powers Your protective shield around all vital organs, especially guard against assaults aimed at your brain’s head, people attempting to play games with your mind as unqualified psychologist and psychiatrists. They are anima-underwater.gifpotentially dangerous and injurious toward your state of being. Calmly counter combat all blatantly bias bigots and hideously hostile hateful heathens and unholy hypocrites!

Train and teach yourself not to give a Devil Damned about their personal opinions, personal attacks, racial slurs, sarcastic remarks, and insulting, slanderous ethnic epithets. Stand strong, therefore, don’t permit anybody to make you feel bad about your decisions to do as you humanely and rightly should. For instances; if and when an asshole calls me a nasty negative name, then, they are going be called something even worst, alone with their mOmma and daddy, parents, grandpapa and grand mamma!!! And that’s not all, butt, deliver divinely decreed curses upon their racist rear ends, and or uncle tom self-hating gluteus maximums; better notoriously known as Buttocks!! Of course, n’ lovin’ faith always with a happy, healthy good sense of holistic healing humor…yawls.

OK, y’all, you are to be in complete charge of buying the needed digital equipment, recording units, keyboards or MIDI devices, computers-monitors and audio visual, stereo sound systems. No sorry excuses and pitiful alibis. It’s nothin’ to it butt to do it!

IMPRESSENCE: = I + impress + imp + pr + press + re + essence + en

Impressence: = Impress + essence. (a) Meaning that the inner, internal – intra-mind has apprehended an essential impression of something, spiritual, sexual-sensual, mental – psychological, – physical biological, philosophical, intellectual, actual and virtual. A (sixth sense), sensibility that is able to intuitively, instinctively intercept sensations that are so sensitive, sometimes silent, solitaire, subtle, and or even detect deceptions, distortions, demonic-devilish deceit. Impres-sential!

[ref. ]

Instead if buy lottery tickets, spending hard earned money on booze binge drinking of alcoholic liquors – wine and beer, dopey drugs, go out to the music stores, shopping around for some musical items to purchase. Save some cash, build up bank, and pull ya self upwards by your own two bootstraps or even thongs!

Never beg, borrow, take or steal from others. Do without sometimes, it also serves a good purpose. Concentrate your attention on mastering the hookups of digital devices, connecting the wiring apparatuses. Read the manuals and books bought with the products and pertaining to how to use, how to work this-that or the other. Be persistent and diligent and determined to succeed no material matter what the circumstance are, nor what outsiders think or believe. Especially so called love ones and close friends. Period.

Make some music, sing some songs, talk and rapP in poems and prose. You write the scripts, you create the notes on the musical scale to go along with your unique tunes. Start from scratch, from the grassroots ground level zero of naught all the way up to the pinnacle top of Her Precious Perfect Pyramid.

Familiarize your mind with how different instruments sound synthesized, real an353.giflive and raw. However, if you took band for any sufficient length of time, then you probably already know how various horns, pianos, cymbals, bells, and drums sounds. Inclusively woodwinds, percussion, brass and strings.

Remember to take it slow; because you do not have to try and be fancy, and so sophisticated. With all of the old-fashion famed fortune hunters; who spent many moons perfecting their skills. And many were experts at faking, playing a bunch of mumbo jumbo, attempting to improvise spontaneously. However, those improvisations do spontaneously appear when you fare very deep into the Spiritual Realms of the metaphysical music mediums. It comes intuitively and instinctively naturalized. So dispel any notions in that you may think that you have to master to the fullest extent any single instrument or combination of them. Which would take a life’s time to achieve expertly. Butt, you are to expertly composed your overall compositions in performance parts put together proficiently. Just play simplified notes, short chromatic scales, just to the point of pleasing yourself. And if they sound good, then add baby steps one by two, three by four so forth and so on accordingly. Ya never have to try and get cute!

Stick staunchly with the basics, the fundamental, and elemental sounds, then practice on how to combine and mix them into multiplex loops, layers and overlays. At different frequencies, volumes, tones, tints, colors, hues and velocities. This is were the truest mastery come from such rehearsals, repeated over again in sequences. What you are doing is articulately teaching yourself how to learn to arrange musical notes and poetic words to that they ring rhythmic rhymes in resonating sounds.

YES; Indubitably, for sure this substantive-subjective due processes are what make my Musical Metaphysics; a Revolutionary Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form. Because I do it all by my own self, as creator, originator, generator, conductor and operator. And it requires a wholesome amount of in dept studies, doing homework, reading large volumes of materials, collecting information and analyzing it and then synthesizing their impression. Find newer ways by which to express the words in the English language. Grammatical parts of speech in vowels and syllables; verbs-adverbs, nouns-pronouns and adjectives. Stringing rich words together in a long progression or procession. Articulating tong twisters to truly test talents.

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD = ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascend Ancient Ancestral Africa

Son of SUNGOD = The Original Creative ArtistCHD + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creatives Arts pt1


+ + + +  + +, + +, + +  + +  +



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color_kingdom_business111.jpg road.gif

TO LOVE THY SELF= CK-NWCA 2010 Precious Jewels Rare Gemstones of Artwork!

Published August 3, 2009 by musicianchd


Part One Vocals

To Our Precious Little Babies because they are valued Rubies, Gold Nuggets, Rare Diamonds, Gemstones of appreciating worth and wealth…$$$ 

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………….Now listen to me ………

Our rich divine health; And honest true wealth$$$.__ Internal values sacred to a King & Queen; My artistic vision and real live dream: Moral virtues so pure and eloquently clean.__-


Ideals everlasting from that kingdom of Love; Down inside us bestowed from the heavens high up above.__The most powerful instrument on planet Mother Earth; The Creators of Love gave life its New World birth; Plants, animals, fish, reptiles, insects and humans on Her turf._
………. um-m huh …………..
Happy soul searching surround sound; Giving grace to our glorious globe all around._ Humankind having a caring change of heart; A revitalized mind for a good faith start._With everybody playing their precious performing part._
The first aid musical medications; Healing and curing our GlobalWorldNations._With my original theme song creation; From the constructive creative imagination..__Beauteous birds briskly fly; Gracefully with a natural high; Harmonic notes no longer shy; Openly in the free flowing sky._
Bridge: TO LOVE THY SELFBarack and Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Cynthia McKinney, Jesse Jackson and Jesse Peterson, Al Sharpton. Hillary Clinton, John-Joe Biden, US President’s Financial, Educational-Health Team, Secretary of State, And everybody else…. To Love Thy Self. repeated..
Correcting the contents of our characters; Yes we can become the blessed inheritors._ Appreciating the great master inventors
It all starts from well-being within; Welcoming repentance to this very end; And forgiveness of silly sin; Inviting our international family friend._Those on the right side of history; Self-acceptance is no strange mystery._

…………Now pay close attention …….
A positive proton charged change; We have arrived to rearrange.__The innovative spirit is set free at last;We have “earned” this day here exceedingly fast; Rightfully from hard work of history’s past._

Yes it’s the productive time and season; Progressive purposes applied with reason; Bravely exploring the subconscious region._Where the pure gold; And rare stones are stored bold; Securely kept jewels not yet sold; I’m intuitively told.__
shownnough…Now hear me clearly…>>>Bridge TO LOVE THY SELF;… Different Character personalities proclaim; The United States of America To Love Thy Self, Mother Africa…, Asia…, Europe…, And everybody else on the face of this earth to learn To Love Thy Self. repeated.
This is something to pray, illustrate and show; That I not only believe but truly know; We must read-write-study-practice in order to grow._Because the human brains can eventually learn; To perform miracles masterfully with energies to burn; As we reap what we sow for harvest to earn.__
The genius is buried profoundly deep; Off into the soulful soils inch by feet; Potent seeds germinating awake from their sleep; Sprouting up from the grassroots ground level so sweet. _
Speeding up Capitol Hill to top policy priority; A diplomatic decision of the public majority._Cleansing the interior of the whole body personnel; To the peak of perfection I can clearly tell._Our success story succeeds without fail._Going the extra miles far beyond the pale of the veil._
Looking from the inside out; Seeing wholesome fruit of the inner spirit in route._You are doing yo-o best which is better than most; You and I are the shinning super stars of host._Showing the lovely love songs of life; Smart artwork is the citizenship price Our contributing talents elegantly nice; And natural gifts of self sacrifice._
Now we relax calm cool and collected; Energy emotions compassionately directed; May I pretty please politely perfected.__

you can left; Thus  TO LOVE THY SELF  Thank Y’all Very Much.


The Perfected Positive Proton Problem Solving Solution and correct answer rightly given!

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Part Two Vocals

 Our Supremely Divine Health; Giving Us Superior Spiritual Self-wealth$$$._

Now listen to m closely…>>>
An advantageous way of openly sharing; Quoting the educated mentality talking while comparing._Giving credit where due merit deserve; Free speech expressions our cause and purpose to serve.__I hope I made myself clear.
Bridge over peaceful waters >>>
 TO LOVE THY SELF  Leaves no harmful pharmaceutical poisons left._Because wisdom’s knowledge has taken place; The universal medicine by the free gift of grace; The purified prescription in wholesome taste; Our Savior of The Homo Sapiens Human Race._
By the very same saving token; My divine god nature has expressly spoken; Excuses and alibis are beautifully broken._
Yet some foolish persons may resist; And have ignorant issues with this; Albeit those of wisdom do indeed insist._That “To Know Thy Self”; Is To Love Thy Self.__
We are rich kings and wealthy queens; Princesses and princes by ancient genetic means.__Of a royal blood and spiritual priesthood; Historical majesty my mighty passion perfectly understood.__Which in truth tells the right rational thinking mind; That by eating healthful food is correct for all humankind. And that the Spirit of Love is Life Divine.__
This remedy goes for the toxic “Tell-lie-vision” Researching the medical journals our-self is a worthy decision; With crucial analysis and judgment precision; “The Spirit of Truth” is the only holistic religion.__
Yeah, I just wanted y’all to know that it doesn’t really matter if you are are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist…what ever you want to call your self ..ya got to learn to love your self >>>TO LOVE THY SELF Thank Y’all Very Kindly A.  B. C.

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Our Spiritual Wealth & Divine Health

……….pt. 3 vocals ………..
“The King of Kings” surprising; The prophesied Messiahs are Rising;
COLOR KINGDOM NWCA enterprising.__The prophesied leaders of faith-belief and hope; Neutralizing the negative programming mad media dope; Applying positive proton charged energies on a good note..
Yes, our MultiplexRacialBody of color Messias; A spiritual state of being “most assuredly” desirous.__Woman & Man, Female & Man human kindness; He & She, Father GOD & Mother GODDESS.__
Pulling all together liberated literally anointed; Dully sworn in and appropriately appointed; Unified in the body jointed._As a consummated Almighty ONE; Under our radiant solar system sun._
“The Lord of LordsAs we have overcome deceptive frauds; Accepting the divinity in us as goddesses and gods._“The Christ in you the hope of glory”; So listen closely to ArtistCHD’s true story.__
“We have arrived” unto the resurrection; ToLoveThySelf with poetic perfection; Treating each other with artistic affection; The problem solving solution as the right correction._
……….Now I’m old Christian Lady Lou.>>>….
Some silly fools have an issue with us; Quoting the Bible Scriptures with their idiotic fuss; A form of ignorance and stupidity thus._
……….Big Willie Slam Duncan say yea and >>>.
“Study to show thy self approved unto God“; For we are instructed to research all fraud; To discover the truth about our personal Lord; And to KNOW that humankind has never seen God.__
Black Soul Brother Hell Fire says >>>
Because on the reality visual scene; The Holy Spirit can’t be openly seen; We must repent and have regrets I honestly mean; From these false religious beliefs and come spotlessly clean._
Yeah ya right brother >>>
For “The Spirit of Truth” is the love of life; Learn the colored skin complexion of brother Jesus Christ; Applying so very nice our talents and gifts as a self-accountable price; Never requiring a violent red blood sacrifice.__
Meaning the principles of LovePeace & Harmony; Doing away with hateful white supremacy’s hegemony._And releasing the sad self-hate that we in history ate; Bringing back black to a normalized present state._ Reversing the illegitimate legacy of slavery; With courage “COME FOLLOW ME” in bold bravery.__
Black, white, pink, red, brown, tan, yellow; Effective energy emotions smooth and mellow._ Portraying the pictures of caring colorful people; Happy, healthy and dynamically balanced racially equal;
The holy cross of love perched upon the church house steeple.__
It’s our legitimate symbol of living in the spirit; The Holy Ghost we will no longer fear it; Having the knowledge thereby give graceful merit.__
…….um huh………….
And not one of death; But divine health and true wealth$$$_ For after the body dies the spirit still lives; So bravely take up your cross that love freely gives;__
I’m O country Boy Redneck Red…>>>
It’s all good, it’s all gravy; That the socio-economics level out the playing fields of crazy; Back to ground based beginnings as a challenge for the lazy._
ha ha ha..yeah he’s one of the good decent whites…>>>
Let us promote revitalizing BlackSoulFood; For a restored restful relaxed mood.
I’m Dizzy Lizzy…>>>
FunkySoulSongSeason; African American culture for sound reason._.It is our dietary secure-safe self-loving SAVIOR; Fragrant fresh fruit of the spirit in tasteful flavor._
……Se Mi Amigo I’m Oaxaca Mexico >>>…
An appetite aptly for valued self knowledge; Hunger for wisdom found by extensive mileage; In library books, dictionaries and self-constructive college._
Organized structures of education that we completely control; Teaching our kids nutritional methods in the schools they enroll._
Hand and hoe cultivated collard, mustard, and turnip greens; Cooked and raw as it detoxifies nightmarish dreams; Thus purifies our digestive systems and gently cleans; By Mother Nature’s Laws of salvation saving means.__

It is the time to plant our fresh vegetable crops; Wholesome homegrown garden plants in flower pots And every other large or small lots._Because we can no longer afford job cut costly drops;
Nor depend on a fallen financial system as props. Blessedly being prepared with communal store co-ops.__
Yes this is conscious raising CyberJazzBluesRapP; Homegrown grassroots musical songs played from the HipP & LapP. Truly ‘the Lord help those who help them selves’; Taking full controls over our lives and grocery shelves.__“For without a vision the people perish“;
Creative insight we welcome, embrace and joyfully cherish._
OK y’all, better get out there in that yard and plant some vegetables and stop making these  excuses…. A—we must go forward >>>

Part 4 vocals

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Our SuperiorSupremeSuperSpirit Wealth$$$; The Inspirational Nutritional Divine Health!
…………….um uh shownough ……….
COLOR KINGDOM NWCA says “Yes We Can” For “We have arrived” upon our Creators Command; To bravely claim our USA Promised Land; According the Almighty Master’s Grand Plan.__
…… now listen to me closely……..
Unified as a MultiplexRacialBody as a capital based ONE; Eating healthful Soul Food under our radiant solar sun. The true Black culture calmly cleansed in panorama total sum.__
………..ha ha ha……………..
Redefining what our real Mother Africa-America diets truly  are; Upgrading our relationship understanding of autonomy by far; Raising the highest standard ideals of the breakfast and dinner bar; Looking up to our savory SolarSystemSunSuperStar.__
……Old Christian First Lady Lou says…Praise the Lord Son >>>
Mrs. Michelle Obama said “we are bacon eaters“; Live before the public TV program feeders. An African American First Lady of the Black & White House; The international flag flying faithfullyfrom the digital church house.__
. uh uh uh sure ya right Old Church House Geechee Deacon Dan says …..
Feeding her two kids the highest healthy protein; Which is a scientific fact just as religiously clean; As any other red meat, fat or learn; It has thus come true their real live dream._
Big Willie Slam Duncan says...
Yeah..Our potato salad filled with rich color vegetable hue; For we love to eat it with onions-pickles, olives,celery, peppers pure and true. And Whoppi Goldberg said on TV Show The View;”Leave the bacon alone”  Politely telling white dietitians to ceasedegrading us to the bone.__
A positive proton progressive productions; The wholesome dietary delightful induction; Detoxifying negative statistical data combustion; Replaced by self-determined cook book instruction;
Decontaminating our stereotyped minds of self-destruction.__
…pay attention!……O’country boy redneck red says…
Huk huk..Leaving no harmful brainwashing musical songs left.__ No longer programmed to hate the ethnic kitchen self._ Taking controls of our culture of culinary artwork wealth Baked, broiled, boiled and pan fried re-vitalized health.__Chewing the crisp lush plant ideas and concepts; Exercising the mouth and jaws with many reps._
….Miss Dizzy Lizzy says …..
Eating lots of omega-3 ALA-EPA & DHA; To counter balance the excessive Omega-666 I intelligently say.__ Listening to Mother Wit to the fullest degree;Fish oil, the marine meal to help set the heart of love free; Fresh fruit picked off of the back yard tree
Oaxaca Mexico says …Si Amigo….

Now inviting and welcoming healthful Mexican & BlackSoulFood;
Openly embracingg FunkySoulSongSeason for a good mood.__ The ignorance of self-abnegating-dislike; As it flew out of the open window taking a long– hike._
….sings while crossing the bridge>>..
ToLoveThySelf… TO LOVE THY SELF…….
Yeah..bravely bold bringing back black; The true American nutritional snack pack; Replacing the distorted version of the Big Mack._ With our African traditions cutting our opposition no slack._
ha ha ha Black Soul Brother HadesHellFire, go ahead on..
Let us shift and change our impulses of thought; And be proud of the dietary menu brought as we fought; For freedom of expression’s choice; This is the language of ArtistCHD’s poetic voice.__ Saying for us to justify teaching beginners how to swim; And being very careful not to by bias bigotry condemn.__ Those of us who choose to eat meat; Pork-beef-chicken-fish-lamb I repeat._

Because rightly read real research raised; The question about how the food source livestock were grazed.__And after we study deeply behind the distorted stats; One will discover the honest sincere facts;
And know that commercial crop also lacks; The needed nutrients to help heal whites and blacks.__
No matter if one is pink-red-brown-tan or yellow skinned; We all must have cleans food to eat from the beginning to the end; Making home grown vegetable gardens our closest of all friend; As I drink a collard green, cactus, aloe-Vera juice fiber blend.__
Mother Nature’s equalizing balance dynamics; Establishing the proper ratio of acid-alkaline physics.__A refreshing liquid from Her Green chlorophyll; To neutralize the acidic contents of meats and grain meal; This is the USA’s correct Soul Food Culture for real; Farmed product poisons are the toxins that deadly kill; Causing a blood sugar glucose spike raising the health care bill.__
OK y’all.. all y’all good black people… and African Americans, and mixed race…and what ever you wanna call your selves, it’s all right with me, but one thing for sure, we got to start positively believing in our self …. and.. we must learn how  TO LOVE THY SELF AMEN Good By

Thank you ….. Composed on Thursday, February 26, 2009… 1:12 AM

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The Crown of Glory:

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Her Precious Perfect Pyramid+ Love Merry GoRound+ My Truest Love Found= A Lovely Love Song!

Published August 3, 2009 by musicianchd

Her Precious Perfect Pyramid instru1 voc2 1280×960

Her Perfect Precious Pyramid

By which divine royalty; She’s entitled majesty.__
In portraying my poetic visionary story;
I honor this dream girl with the Crown of Glory.__
A lovely lady living in heavenly happy lands;
Somewhere out of reach of my caring hands._
Yet my imaginary sweet heart;
Is spiritually near my lovin’ heart._
This is a beautiful woman;
A CyberSpaceAge traveler as I understand;
Searching the stars for her right man:.
Inspired by our Creators Divine Master Plan._
My soul is being warmed;
The cosmic forces are being armed._
Whirling winds blowing;
Rich rain drops slowing;
As the water starts snowing;
And our radiant SolarSun glowing;.
All the time knowing;
How we reap what we are sowing;
Kindness today down pouring._
The fine female’s supremely pure; Virtuous for sure;
Trustworthy and honesty to endure;
A warm kind feeling as a healing cure.__
Now I have a very clear view;
She’s the essence of love I pray tell you who._
In a distant world all sparkling new;
Out in the universe of prismatic color hue;
Transcending the skies that are brilliantly blue.__
In the midst of an adventuring storm cloud
Performing parts played purely proud;
Mellow medium soft and loud.__
Circling around as my mind elevates;
Higher above mates and dates._
Deep feelings and emotions twisting;
Dancing and prancing politely insisting
The heavy rocks stars are at the bottom base;
A solid foundation built upon a pretty face;
Her creative genius by the free gift of grace;
Tingling, and tickling and lights blinking;
SoothingSoft brass embracing;
Impulses of thought racing;
Healthy heart beats pacing;
I can hear her singing among the angels;
Playing softly the musical bells and crystals._
Along with the clashing cymbals.__
As I climb without rest or stop;
Up to the peak of her pyramid’s top._
Faster than the speed of light legendary;
Moving in rhythm and rhymes very primary._
I’m really rapping about;
Her charged energies no doubt.__
Positive Protons, neutrons and electrons._
LovePeace & Harmony.,on THE EVENT HORIZON.
Our GlobalWorldNations universal phenomenon.__
It’s Goddess Mother Nature;
Revealing Her refined feminine feature.
As she designs every living creature.__
Portrayed in light of the female gender;
Romantic, Sexy, and tender.__
Her majestic beauty thus splendor
A swish and a sway men must adore._
Surely this lovely lady has natural powers
Intuitive instincts that supremely towers.__
Over all compassionate caring hearts;
New World Creative Arts.__

So elegant and eloquent;
Called-chosen and sent to invent._
By the Eternal Powers of the Spirit’s intent.__
So then y’all be nice and kind;

For it is the right thing to do so sublime._
This rendition
is performed gracefully via Intervention Divine._
The Original Creative ArtistCHD truly did;
Portray HerPreciousPerfectPyramid
My Revolutionary Poetic Art Form;
CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
CD-MP3 sound tracks Digital. Recording Studio…..
a full symphony orchestra band….
Homemade. musical song created, written, composed
on Sunday December 14, 2008…1:18 AM
Happy New Years 2009


Song Lyrics RapP 2


Love Merry Go Round instru1 voc2 1280×960


Our carousel of joyful musical sounds;
Funny faces of the friendly clowns;
Happy people in cities and intuned towns._
Now… I’m talking about a big circular

cosmic color wheel;
Rotating and turning on a reel._
At the very end of our Milky Way Galaxy;
A scientific fact of no fallacy;__
As Mother Earth orbits Father SolarSun;
Doing their graceful dance from dust to dune._
Being a caring couple in everlasting love;
A perfect pair from deep below and high above._
Holding hands as female and male, boy and girl;
Woman and man riding up and down in a twisting whirl._
The first cause and affectionate energy emotion;
Forevermore dedicated delightful devotion._
In the spirit of Mother Nature’s wisdom and knowledge;
She’s never naïve nor gullible let us acknowledge._
And it is being nicest;

Thus dearest and sincerest;
To not try and fool Her but to be honest;
Protecting the love that’s the truest._
Surely we are wise to be selective
Thus test and examine everybody irrespective
Of who they are in order to be corrective
With our positive energies assuredly directive._
Being careful in choosing who with to share;
Our deepest feelings and emotions

so naked and bare._
Meaning the right elegant exposure;
Poetic eloquence in complete composure;
Candidly speaking about open disclosure._
I’m portraying my quiet shy nature as talented actor;
The considerate contents of charming character factor;
To those love longing females as better benefactors;
Exclusively inquisitive inheritors._
Fortunate to receive this handsome heavenly honor;
The Royal King residing inside my

personality of splendor._

Yes, it timely took the mystery of pretty polite poetry;
To bring him out of the coy colorful chemistry;
Pleasing patterns of tasteful tapestry;
Into the glorious light of articulate artistry.__
Confidentially apt to be astute;
Giving and receiving righteously resolute;
The environmental condition to institute;
Surrendering to ourselves an honorable salute._
Preserving the sacred blessing;
Making intelligent choices testing._
No broken hearts teaching a hurtful lesson;
For LoveSensationSpiritDivine is in due season._
Self defense to protect our livelihoods;
Suits of armor to defend our hearts of lovely goods._
Locking rude intruders out of our treasure chest;
Yet opening the closed doors

to the very trustworthy best._
Even an ocean claim closes shut tight;
To protect its precious pearl until the time is right._
So does our domestic pets have set expectations;
Conditional show of their lovable nature’s affections._
And they all will go the other way;
In the opposite direction by the

insensitive things we say;
Instinctively searching for a friendly day.__
Some one even an animal likes to meet;
Because of their kind content of character so sweet._
.Just simply look at me from the inside to the outside;
With a positive proton charged mind you decide;
To see the true King & Queen, Groom & Bride._

Song Lyrics RapP pt1



My Truest Love I Found voc1 instru2 3 1280×960


My Truest Love I Found

Wearing a beautiful crown.

DiamonStar ‘N Lovin’Faith; Sex and romance to date and mate.__
She came straight to embrace me; I could clearly envision to see.__ In a lovely dream so preciously sweet; Her loving arms reached out kindly to meet __ My body-mind-spirit and soul; A holy union so openly bold.__ Her pretty face with a friendly smile; Politely grinning for a little while.__ Saying that everything shall be all right; My deep sleep in the dark of night.__A true love connection to gently please; Fulfilling her desires softly with ease.__ Now my precious love is so willing to help me; Because I first reached out to help her clearly see.__ Yes, to show my sincere appreciation and devotions; I offer her Faith-Love-Romance & Sex Emotions.__ So intelligent, considerate and smart; My Truest Love I Found has a caring heart._
She is pure achievement success; Her gorgeous breasts to bless; Bringing a long lasting happiness.__ This lovely lady and pretty girl; Is a rare jewel and precious pearl.__ Adorned in a magnificent rainbow of color; Draped by the elegance of serenity like no other.___By which divine royalty: Entitles her rich majesty.___ Sharing with me all of her true wealth; A nurturing woman of free-giving health.___ She has also found her inner-being king; More valuable than a diamond ring; Which satisfaction her money offering did bring; An inspiring love song to gracefully sing.__ I’m at your service Madame; Your soul mate is here right now I am.___

2, Truly comforting and soft spoken; Never to have again our dear hearts broken.__ A sensation of serene bliss; As I opened up to receive her warm kiss.__ I was so very happy with joy; No longer ashamed, shy and coy.__ Crying with cleansing tears; Emotional feelings without any fears.__ Nor painful distressing despair; But faith-hope and justice so fair. ___ All loneliness for us has gone away; Simply disappeared I honestly indeed say.___ Then told my dear love how good; Expressing my self as I should.__ About how long I had searched and walked; With many other females I have talked.___

Now you’re the first woman number one; Under our radiant solar sun.__ I was so very tired; Your true love I strongly desired.__ As I traveled so far and wide; Your tender touch is now by my side.__ Then I saw my self revealed; A reflection in a mirror for real.__ Of my life so vividly true; A divine inspiration I pray tell you.__ I’m writing this love song as if it were a check; Special benefits sent to all women of self-respect.___ There’s no such thing as something for nothing I say; As we willingly share the cost and gratefully pay.__

A double image of my twin girl self; A strong impression is what it left.__ Looking so gracefully great; Fine vibrations of thought at a healing rate__ Colorful chords played on the musical scale; Key notes of LovePeace & Harmony!!! for buy or sell.__ Exchanging our most treasured gifts; Natural born talents with each others lives it uplifts.___ The feminine fragrance I surely could; Smell her sweet scented rosy womanhood.___ I’m proudly overjoyed as it were; Thus to have made warm contact with her.__ Fortunately that lonesome; stranger has come along; Through a handsome; sounding love song.__

She’s attached to my deeper inner spiritual being; Attracted to my very essence mentally seeing._ And not interested in any superficial good looks; But must have the contents of my poetic character story books.__ Pleased to meet you the Comforter in deeds; More than glad to satisfy all of her wants-desires and needs.__ Sparkling gold as our financial security; A wholesome psychology of thinking in its rare purity.___

This caring lady is the perfect soul mate; No more self-doubt, dislike or hate.__ There’s a woman and a man in us all, Can you hear their most inner call.___ For sincere gender equality; Seeking freedom and liberty.__ Now I must surely be gentle and kind; To treat my man self and her right all the time; Understanding so dearly sublime: Our spiritual relation supremely divine.__ Giving to one another all that we have to give; For generosity affords prosperity to live.__ Our enduring friendships forevermore; Everlasting lovers from the soul’s very core.___ I can visualize the positive blessings flowing to and fro; Between us right now for we reap what we sow; Of priceless value confidently she know.___ A beauteous Master’s piece of creative arts, Symbolizing always our kind affectionate lovin’ hearts.__


Song Lyric RapP

A Lovely Love Song instru1 voc2 1280×960

Vocals pt.1

Listen To The The Heart Beats…


And laws of Mother Nature’s God.__ 

By which divine royalty entitles Her Majesty; She bestows upon us a great moral felicity; The divinity within the life of all humanityMasculinity & Femininity; Supreme happiness  for the heart and mind’s serenity;  Blessed with virtues in purity of morality; Natural talents and gifts of Mother Earth’s UniversManDeity.___ Part 1

She’s a smart woman having a positive thinking mind; My LovelyLoveSong for all of humankind;  Chromatic Chords sounding so sublime; Performing in perfect rhythmic time; Inspired by the Superior Spirit Divine.__ For us to adore and to admire; Warm soothing sensations of a wholesome desire.__ The consistent cadence of rhyming beats of caring hearts; COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts.__

Surely I’m talking about Mother Nature’s God; The invisible heavenly Father Almighty Lord.__ The very first  planetary Cause of Action; In the solemn midst of charitable compassion; And the last affect upon our souls in an artistic fashion.___ The Sixth Sense Genius of Her  Composing Creative Evolutions; The fine feminine female’s everlasting rotating revolutions; The right problem solving serious solution; She has splendid beauties in an organized constitution.__

The Original Creator sharing His benign sentiments; Commanding our Spiritual Renaissance Movement; Progressive growth and learning for self-improvement; Mother Nature has a secure sovereign government.__ Eternal cosmos of matter always moving; Seeking knowledge and wisdom improving.__ Giving us a lovin’ heart symbolic of a real big bass drum in size; Thus calm, cool, cured and collectively tranquilized; Practical experience by motivating surprise; With a magical miracle only of life itself openly realized; The innate ability of a rational brain never compromised.__ Exercising the art of Her & His sound reason;  The mightiest power of intellect applied in productive season.__

The Lovely Girl’s Majestic grandeur; So virtuous, ethical and morally pure; For everlasting throughout the ages of time for sure; ‘N Lovin’ Faith always to endure.__ To her God’s Great Glory; Grace poetically expressed in my eloquent story.___ Saved from superstitious beliefs  causing bloody outrage; Now free to explore the skies of our heavens’ CyberSpaceAge.__

I’m depicting a meaningful musical orchestration; By way of discovering the secrets of Divine Inspiration; Common sense reasoning in mathematical calculation; Her Natural Laws & Natural Religion in potent concentration; Simply sincerity applied in a rational estimation.___ Expertly played up and down the musical scale; No more frightful fear  we must loudly yell; Of a mysterious after death fatal fiery hell; ABC, 123 comprehension without fail; Even an elementary school student can easily tell.__ Orbiting patterns orderly  She  elegantly arrange;  Thus no religiously strange.__ Supernatural mystery; But honest revelation of Her legendary ancient history.___

Post Script:  Now y’all…I want ya to know that this was a LovelyLoveSong.  Coming from the heart and soul…therefore, I would like for y’all to stay in tune and in touch with me. And to open your minds and understand clearly…that… WE must do a lots better, to bring LovePeace & Harmony, here on the face of Mother Earth. And that starts from within…ALL OF US……….. The Beginning And The End, Thank You Very Much. 

A LovelyLoveSong 

Vocals Part 2…

 DiamonStarSweetHeart’n Love
Laws of Mother Nature’s God

This real beautiful Lady your Excellency;  The God of Mother Nature’s Divine Supremacy.__ Has unchanging order of pulsating excellence; Composed elements in dynamic equal balance.__ We have strong impulses of thought in complete reliance; Depending on a systematic studied science; Of the laws of Mother Nature’s Earth in perfected compliance.__ One based on a fulfilling philosophy; Happy feelings of our safe sane psychology; Having a healthy human happy chronology; Inseparably connected in secure scientific genealogy.__ Biological genetic Codes inseparably related; Our MultiplexRacialBody  splendidly created.___ According to her Intelligent Design; Infinite Intelligence of the Universal Mind.___

Our Magnificent skin colorations; Her diverse pigmentations; By way of the Constructive Creative Imaginations; Depicting all people of Her planetary sphere’s  GlobalWorldNations.__ Expanding across our USA Promised Lands; Under our radiant solar sun’s demand; Open minded students of learning pretty please understand; Good relationships is the Holy Ghost Spirit’s Command; According to the Grand; Master’s Divine Plan.___

Consummate freedom blowing in the wisdom of wind; Free to chose the God of Mother Nature here within; And there’s no such of thing as a curse of mythological original sin.__ Expressing the charity of our Originator; A nonviolent compassionate Creator.__ Instructing Mother Nature’s Earthly Humanity; To love each other needing no deadly war insanity.___ Yet what goes around surely comes back around; Invasions, occupations, rape and robbery spell bound.__ Resulting from superstition, prejudice, greed and ignorance; Keeping nations of people in a self-defeating destructive trance; Needing my profound emotions of redeeming romance; To teach mankind how to plainly politely prance, And to laugh loudly logically by chance; In a healthful  good sense of humor taking a brave gallant stance;  While using simple reason to gracefully smile, laugh and dance.__

Indubitably “By the grace of God which was given unto me”; Liberty and justice to set everybody completely free; Through a sweet sounding melody; Singing  a friendly tune of LovePeace & Harmony.__ Healing redemption now living here with us all among; Via precious poetry portrayed in a definitive LovelyLoveSong.__

Post Script: That is LovelyLoveSong y’all. Now let me tell you something at the spirit of the moment…. The way my heart goes freely…. And my mind just….rides right along real easy. We as a people, as the HOMO SAPIENS RACE, everybody, including every race, no matter what color of skin they have, WE have to learn to work together as a team…as a single unit. For ONE ALMIGHTY LORD GOD, OneMother Nature’s GodHER Only Natural Religion. These things we do know, when we don’t know anything else-because they are so obvious. We can see the glory when we look up into the skies…and the stars, that’s where the truth is, where justice lies…within our own VISION.   LovelyLoveSong

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